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June 2010

25 June 2010

Register of Senators' Interests update - June 2010

We've just received and uploaded the latest batch of updates to the Register of Senators' Interests spanning the period 24 November 2009 to 21 June 2010.

As per usual, they are added to the end of each Senator's register which can be found on their page. See for example Senator Mark Arbib.

To make it easier to see just what's changed in this update you can also now download a compilation of all the recent changes.

You might be wondering why we update the Register of Senators' Interests before we update the Register of Members' Interests. This is because the Senate is able to send us a digital scanned copy of their register, while the House of Representatives sends us only a hardcopy of their register. It simply takes us a little time to organise someone who will scan the document for us.

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