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June 2008

16 June 2008

Public Launch of OpenAustralia Beta

We're open to the public! After more than six months work by a small group of volunteers working in their spare time, we're launching OpenAustralia to the public.

With OpenAustralia we hope to strengthen our traditions of fair and open democracy in Australia. This site is about giving you, the Australian public, the tools to easily follow what goes on in Parliament, and be just a little better informed.

You'll hopefully discover with OpenAustralia that what goes on in Parliament is much more interesting than you might imagine - entertaining even!

What you see on TV or in newspapers is only a small part of what goes on. OpenAustralia is about giving you access to all the other stuff in an easy to use and friendly form.

This site is still in beta, which means that we're not totally confident that we've ironed out all the small problems, but we didn't think it fair to keep it from you any longer. If you do find something that looks wrong please email us at


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