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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Questions without Notice


2:28 pm

Photo of Scott MorrisonScott Morrison (Cook, Liberal Party, Treasurer) Share this | Hansard source

It is coal. It was dug up by men and women who work and live in the electorates of those who sit opposite—from the Hunter Valley, as the member for Hunter would know. It is coal that has ensured for over 100 years that Australia has enjoyed an energy-competitive advantage that has delivered prosperity to Australian businesses and has ensured that Australian industry has been able to remain competitive in a global market. Those opposite have an ideological, pathological fear of coal. There is no word for 'coalophobia' officially, but that is the malady that afflicts those opposite. It is that malady that is affecting the jobs in the towns and the industries and, indeed, in this country because of the pathological, ideological opposition to coal being an important part of our sustainable and more certain energy future.

Affordable energy is what Australian businesses need to remain competitive. They cannot fizzle out in the dark as those opposite would have them do, as businesses in South Australia are now confronting. On this side of the House, you will not find a fear of coal anymore than you will find a fear of wind—except for that which comes from the Leader of the Opposition; you will not find a fear of sun; you will not find a fear of wave energy; you will not find a fear of any of these sources of energy. What you will find is a passion for the jobs of Australians who work for businesses that depend on energy security that those opposite want to switch off, just like the South Australian Labor government is switching off jobs, switching off lights and switching off air conditioners and forcing Australian families to boil in the dark as a result of their Dark Ages policies.

That is not the only thing we are doing to stand up for Australian businesses; our company tax cuts that those hypocrites opposite used to support and now oppose—here he is; the whinger from Watson!


Tibor Majlath
Posted on 15 Feb 2017 4:03 pm (Report this comment)

Labor's Dark Age policies? Some of us are boiling in the dark because we can't afford electricity for air conditioners and lighting because of high electricity prices thanks to Coalition privatization policies and their GST on energy bills.

Some of us freeze in winter because we can't afford electricity and gas for heating because of ever increasing energy prices.

Weren't we promised by the Coalition that everything will be cheaper thanks to privatization because private companies are more efficient and productive?

Hasn't happened and never will.

deanfneil sarah
Posted on 25 Mar 2017 12:09 am (Report this comment)

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