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Monday, 25 May 2009

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Brother Richard Doheny FSP

6:40 pm

Photo of David BradburyDavid Bradbury (Lindsay, Australian Labor Party) Share this | Hansard source

I recently attended the funeral of a great man, Brother Richard Doheny FSP, who passed away on 13 May 2009 at the age of 74. Brother Richard was a man of devotion and commitment. He was devoted to his God and committed to his sport and to shaping the minds of the young men he taught, coached and mentored. He taught at both primary and secondary schools, but for the largest part of his vocation was a revered and integral part of the Patrician Brothers’ College community at Fairfield, where he was my rugby league and cricket coach.

Brother Richard, who emigrated from Ireland in 1956 and was a member of the Patrician congregation for 56 years, will be remembered as an icon of the college and will always be held in the highest esteem by those who knew him and served with him. At a time when rugby league has received much bad publicity, the code would do well to highlight the great contribution of men like Brother Richard to the sport and to the development of character and respect amongst generations of young men. Among the many insights that he has left behind for us is the invocation, heralded at the beginning of many a sporting season: ‘Lads, you can’t fatten the pig on the day of the market.’


Brandon Chant
Posted on 27 Apr 2010 6:51 pm (This comment has been reported to moderators)

I find it so strange when I read such glorified and positive comments about Brother Richard. He was my school principal at Patrician Brothers Granville in 1985 and 1986. He was also my english teacher in Year 6.

I found Brother Richard to be a brute of a man, always accompanied by his flea-ridden mut (Suzie I believe it was called), who assaulted myself and many other students on a regular basis with his rubber strap. I remember living in absolute fear of him. I remember clearly being brutalised by him on many occasions - once for spelling the work "inclusive" incorrectly.

I also remember him lining us all up naked in the group shower at school camp in 1985, and repeating over and over in his Irish accent "Isn't it beautiful boys."

What I have written above I swear to be the truth, and would gladly swear the above in front of a court and on a lie detector test.

The man was a pig, and I am so glad he has left this world.

So whilst you glorify him, I detest him, his memory, and the evil actions he visited on us "boys". What a hideous start to our lives and a detestable introduction to the Patrician Brothers.

So let's remember him how he ACTUALLY was, shall we?

carlos aparicio
Posted on 13 Apr 2012 8:15 pm (This comment has been reported to moderators)

i too attended patrician brothers granville during the mid 80's. i also confirm brandon's comments. brother richard was an evil predator of young boys. i also remember that dirty unwashed dog of his in the class room & his bag on the floor with porn in it.

he was the only person in my entire life that scared me to death. i too felt the sting of his rubber strap first week at school for taking shelter in the corradoor from the rain.

school camps horrified me. he would watch us shower & if he didn't think we washed enough he would reach in & wash us himself. i ended up swalling detergent, burning my throat to get out of camp.

playing handball before school i broke his office window with the tennis ball. i passed out in fear. not for getting in trouble or breaking the window. but of brother richard. he grabbed me by the neck & kept me in his office all day. i missed all classes.

that's when to my horror i saw what he'd been doing to another student who rarely attended classes coz he spent all day everyday in brother richards office. i was forced to sit in the corner of his office & watch him with his hands down this students pants while sitting on his lap. he ordered me to approach. if i had a knife i would have cut my own throat.

there's more. i could go on but i won't coz a can't stop shaking. i know for a fact there are others out there who are glad that this evil monster is now burning in hell for his sins.

Posted on 18 Dec 2012 4:48 pm (This comment has been reported to moderators)

I have read with horror the comments made by David Bradbury. All can say is that my experience with Brother Richard was very different to the great man he described. I recently returned to Smithfield where I grew up and was shown the article by Bradbury. It is difficult to know where to start with the injustices that that fiend inflicted on defenseless students. I attended Patrician Brothers in 1975 and 1976 and was at the Junior School. I remember clearly getting into trouble in the class I was in and being put into his class, which was 6A and he had the middle classroom that faced onto the then Horsley Drive. Doheny after lunch would shut the curtains and light a cigarette (that he had in a cigarette holder) and call one of his favorite children to come and sit on his lap while Doheny had is hand in cassock and touching his penis. He used to have this dog called digger. We went to these camps at Douglas Park and the shower consisted of a canvas sheet and a hose and we used to have to line up and we would soap ourselves up while he hosed us down and commented on our bodies. If we needed to move anywhere he was always touching us on the buttocks. I once got caught being somewhere in Fairfield where I should not have been and he called me into his back office in the walk way to the class rooms and he asked me questions like, Did they touch your privates and numerous other questions like that. There was no reason to ask me questions like that but all the time he was talking to me he had his hand under his Cossack and was masturbating. I too was struck lots of times by that rubber strap that he had and I witnessed the way he would beat and bully other students who didnt do what he asked. So yes, lets remember Doheny as the fiend as he was. He was pedophile and bully. So never write that he was a "great man" again because there are lots of other children who remember him the way I have described . I support the claims of Carlos and Brandon.

John Sweeney
Posted on 21 Dec 2013 12:38 pm (Report this comment)

I attended Fairfield Patrician Brothers and agree fully with the above comments, this man was a sick child molester and also had links to other evil shits like Dolly Dunn, one of his chums was my year 7 teacher who was caught molesting children and killed himself. I hope Richard your death was long and painful.

tony Mckinnon
Posted on 30 Apr 2014 8:24 pm (Report this comment)

I am shocked at Bradbury's insensitive ignorance, i can only imagine that he must be suffering from
Stockholm - Syndrome. (a psychotic illness where the Victim loves the Abuser) maybe Bradbury is suffering more then the rest of us, maybe he is more affected then the rest of us, as I can not believe that there is even one person on this earth that would ever surrender a good word in regards to richard

I also remember richards's Cruelty and Perversion, I remember going away on a school camp and having to stand bare naked in a field, in front of Richard and some other men. I was only 10 years old (shame shame shame)

back in the class room I can still remember the Pixie with the irish accent and his mongrel dog roaming the room, I remember his ugly screwed-up face getting excited as he paced the room repeating the phrase "it's normal to have a stiffy boys, who's got a stiffy" (i remember these words as if it was only yesterday)

I was terrified of richard, I use to cut chunks of hair off my head I tried to make myself look less appealing to him to avoid his attention (I still have some of these year 5 pictures of my hacked-up haircuts) things got so bad for me that I jigged school for 3 months, when my mother found out about my absence she went to the school to talk to richard about my fear of going to his school and just then by chance she witnessed his dog biting a fellow student, she addressed the dog's behaviour with richard but he ignored her, and my mother withdrew me from the school.

when I read Carlo's post about smashing richard's window, it brought back immediate fear, I felt the absolute fear Carlos must have felt at smashing richard's window, I once fell off the pathway into his garden and I got belted badly, if I had smashed his window I would have ran out of the playground and into an oncoming car i would have killed myself, no way would I be facing him if I smashed his window.

I only have one regret, that as an adult, I didn't hunt richard down and rip his clothes off in public, and beat the hell out of him and terrorise him with gut wrenching fear, I wish I got to see him suffering in illness, and to tell him ..... "who's got a stiffy now richard, you are close to death and your brain will soon solidify but it's normal to be a stiffy Richard after death) I would have told him your pain will not finish at death richard, evil bastards like you will still ache on the other-side for all eternity.

I wish I were there at his funeral, I wish I got the chance to debated Bradbury in public and discredit his ignorant Eulogy.

does anyone know if brother richard used any alias as there is another convicted paedophile by the name of Brother Doheny on the Broken -Rites website who has the same surname as richard and that filthy paedophile was also using aliases......

(the following was copy and pasted)

Black Collar Crime | Broken Rites Australia‎

Nov 3, 2013 - In 1995, Christian Brother Gerard William Dick (then aged 67) was sentenced ...... He was born (real name John Doheny) on 3 September 1935 in Ireland ..... The Christian Brothers harboured this paedophile in their schools ...

Ray Bazouni
Posted on 20 Nov 2015 12:44 pm (Report this comment)

Bradbury is delusional and obviously didn't know Brother Richard at all. He was my principal at Patrician Brothers Granville in 1985-86. I too remember the school camp referred to by Brandon Chant where he lined us all up naked in the group shower in 1985. What a sick piece of work! I remember all us kids knew you wouldn't want to be called up to his office because we all knew he was a sick paedophile. I'm sure the adults would have known too, as this was no secret to any of us kids there at the time. And that stupid dog of his - we'd all peg rubbers and the like at it whenever Brother Richard left the classroom. The dog was so old and feeble it would walk out almost in slow motion but it would eventually follow him out of the classroom. I hope he's in hell right now where he belongs.

Ray Bazouni
Posted on 21 Nov 2015 7:13 pm (Report this comment)

Apologies I was actually there in the juniors with brother Richard in 1980-81. The naked shower line up was at Douglas Park in 1981. He was obviously doing this for many years. Hope he rots in hell very slowly along with that mutt of his.

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