Senate debates

Thursday, 19 October 2017



5:27 pm

Photo of Glenn SterleGlenn Sterle (WA, Australian Labor Party) Share this | Hansard source

Thank you, Senator Dastyari. At this time of the night, that was great! The question is that the motion put by Senator Hanson be agreed to.

Question negatived.


jules makk
Posted on 10 Apr 2018 9:00 pm

respective ministers

Dear Respected Members oif parliament

I have followed the immigration debate & am alarmed that the Senate
may have glossed over the nature of some of these immigrants,.

Please research the DISASTER that is the Implementation of SHARIA law in many other countries.. they will call it Islamophobia & Racsism,, in reality it is an invasion & takeover of an outdated Ideology , that has may dangerous & radical edicts , as Muslims controlled by these "LAWS" of Islam will force this on us too , as a free Democratic Society , they do not & NEVER will Respect our laws, their tactics are to lie & over turn. Their goal is to Islamise the world.. be forewarned & prepare for a savage , brutal & Barbaric political war on our hard earned Freedom , & Human rights. As it stands now,,, Muslim enclaves in Politically sensitive electorates in Australia are already challenging our Ministers to kowtow to their demands.. it won't stop , ever , untill they completely dominate..

STOP SHARIA LAW ,,, do NOT underestimate the subversive nature of this CULT... with sufficient numbers , you will see the break out of EXTREMIST violence , as Witnessed Globally already ... Stop it for the sake of all humans.

for your information.
this is Senate Bill SB97 in Montana , watch it & see. PLEASE
they are facing this threat & are making some sensible preparation for its rise.

Jules Makk
Australian Citizen
My Parents escaped Communist Oppression in 1956
I was born here in a FREE country

Please consider our protection & guard us against this creeping evil