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Thursday, 1 December 2016


Income Tax Rates Amendment (Working Holiday Maker Reform) Bill 2016 (No. 2); In Committee

8:18 pm

Photo of Pauline HansonPauline Hanson (Queensland, Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party) Share this | Hansard source

I do support this, and I thank the Greens for coming to this agreement with the government. What I am annoyed about is the horse trading that has gone with it along the way. I believe One Nation is probably the only party in this house that has not done a deal on this. We looked at it on merit and we supported it from the beginning. We did negotiate from 19 per cent down to 15 per cent, and we supported it on its merits. Now, this has been supported by the Greens, and I appreciate that it has been, because the most important people here are the farmers. It is all about the farming sector, the backpackers but also the hospitality industry, which needs to be addressed here.

I have had people ring up my party office saying, 'Thank goodness there is some common sense and that a decision has been come to after so long.' The fact is, this could have been sorted out yesterday if Senator Culleton had agreed to 15 per cent or Senator Hinch had agreed to 15 per cent or even Senator Lambie had agreed to 15 per cent. It could have been sorted out yesterday, but it was not. The fact is that this is about the farming sector, who are in dire straits. So, I am pleased about this. In this chamber policies must be dealt with on merit, not through horse trading, and that is why I do not agree with a lot of things that happen here.

We are the leaders of this nation. I am not happy with the Labor Party's stance on this, because they of all people should be supporting the farming sector, which is the backbone of this nation, the ones who are suffering because of this. I wish this decision had been come to a lot earlier than it has, but that was not the case. Anyway, once again, I will reiterate that the Greens have come to a decision and that common sense prevails in this house. I support this wholeheartedly and I am glad it has finally found closure.


Posted on 8 Dec 2016 12:01 am (Report this comment)

Senator Hanson's comments about Rod Cullerton being unwilling to be directed remind me of the 1957 Queensland Labor Party split when Frank Duggan was "not to proud to be directed" but all other members of Vince Gair's Cabinet objected strongly to being directed by ALP Central Executive and therefore left the ALP.

IF Hanson thinks that Cullerton is under an obligation to be directed by a Party Leader why when a mere Candidate for Oxley did she not follow this belief. It all gets down to the fact that 'power corrupts and total power corrupts totally"

Hanson's criticisms of Cullerton not being a team player liking the media spotlight etc. are a mirror image of herself.

Queenslanders would be well served if any of the other One Nations took the leadership of ON from Hanson and she would then only have to do as she is directed.

Most of her long term Queensland party membership have resigned due to her choice of staff. She now leads a party of carpetbaggers attracted to what they think is a swift entry to Queensland Parliament. Will any of these elected have to do as directed and who will do the directing.

Will Hanson be the only the director or will others in ON presume they have the right to direct elected parliamentarians.

BY end of her first term Hanson will have Palmered herself into oblivion.

Will Culllerton get a midnight knock on the door to tell him his membership of ON has been terminated in the manner in which ALP expelled Vince Gair.

Andrew Jackson

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