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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Questions without Notice

Defence Procurement

2:04 pm

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You said you would build 12 in Adelaide.


William Boeder
Posted on 26 Mar 2015 4:06 pm

Again I note that Senator Abetz, (thought this time uncharacteristically) has diverted from the questions addressed to him during the sittings of the Senate House, (in a rather unusual sloppy manner) all the while evading an open honest and direct means of providing the answers sought by the opposition party Senators and including the many independent Senators.

This is irrespective to this Senator Abtetz's usual custom of thrusting his non-relevant jibes toward the opposition party Senators etc, before he then then embarks upon a manoeuvre to avoid providing the direct answer to questions that are specifically directed to him for a relevant responsible and reliable answer.
I fail to see how the wily obfuscations so frequently practiced by Senator Abetz, do actually provide anything of substance to the debate on many of the important issues tabled for discussion which are in the best interests of our Australia and its citizens.

This is the same Senator that had participated directly or indirectly in covert negotiations with the World's most internationally known corrupted destroyer of our World's vitally important yet now scant remaining Tropical Rain Forests, with the high-placed felons employed by the Taib Mahmud owned logging and timber supply company of Ta Ann in Sarawak.
(Which I am to believe was formerly a State of Malaysia.}
Currently this same Ta Ann are having their Tasmanian logged Native Forest log products, delivered to them on-site, (at an ongoing almost nil profit or break-even basis) by way of a huge contracted unsustainable annual quantum of log supply, by this State government's now Liberal party government.

Please note that The Tasmanian government has been in the habit of providing enormous amounts of taxpayer funding to allow this foolish and worthless endeavour to continue its going-nowhere taxpayer-subsidised grand-scale larceny.

That this serious State economic disconformity is not being addressed in any way by this Senator, (nor by his Tasmanian ministerial colleagues) is freely allowing the denudation of Tasmania's ever diminishing realms of the State's Crown Land Native Forests to be rampant clear-fell harvested, later followed by the remnant native species being bashed then burnt to ground zero status.

(Which and while this insane means of harvesting logs to fulfil the Ta Ann log supply agreement is happening is also responsible for taking out the part-grown State of Tasmania specific 'selective-native-timber-species' even now being dearly sought-after by this State's enormous small business specific craft-wood industry.)
This major special-species craft industry comprises of a voluminous number of individual business proprietors being denied their futuristically supply of these said products essential to their businesses.
Then it is important to realize that this same insane practice of clear-fell log-harvesting, directly benefits the highly profitable and corrupted business endeavours of the Ta Ann logging dynasty.

Furthermore, let it be known that the Ta Ann operations in Tasmania are being run to the point that no profits are generated in their Tasmanian State business operations, thus Ta Ann do not even pay any State taxes, (via their negative resulting lack of business profit revenues) much to the extreme detriment of the Treasury of Tasmania, (as was at some former time freely given to these highly contentious Ta Ann operations in Tasmania.

Is this the sort of anti-Tasmania representation all the citizens of Tasmania can expect from this non-elected anti-the-Tasmanian-people Liberal Senator?

Please be aware that my comments are based upon my own diligent independent researches.