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Monday, 18 March 2024

Parliamentary Representation

Members Sworn

3:30 pm

Photo of Milton DickMilton Dick (Speaker) Share this | | Hansard source

I have received a return to the writ which I issued on 29 January 2024 for the election of a member to serve for the electoral division of Dunkley, in the state of Victoria, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Peta Murphy. By the endorsement on the writ, it is certified that Jodie Anne Belyea has been elected.

Ms Jodie Anne Belyea made and subscribed the affirmation of allegiance.

I call the Prime Minister.

3:33 pm

Photo of Anthony AlbaneseAnthony Albanese (Grayndler, Australian Labor Party, Prime Minister) Share this | | Hansard source

I am delighted to welcome the new member for Dunkley and the newest member of our Labor government, Jodie Belyea. Jodie, congratulations. This is truly a moment in your life that you will never forget. The excitement and the pride that you feel today is shared by everyone who has been part of your journey to get here: your wonderful family, whom I have got to know, your campaign staff, all the people who believed in you—including, of course, our beloved friend the remarkable Peter Murphy, the former member for Dunkley.

This was a by-election that no one wanted to happen. Today, we remind ourselves of the extraordinary loss that this parliament had and that the community of Dunkley suffered from, but particularly Peta Murphy's family, her beloved husband, Rod, and others. Peta Murphy did some fantastic things as the member for Dunkley, including recruiting Jodie to the Labor Party. I know I speak for everyone in this chamber when I say it is hard to imagine a greater compliment than being selected by Peta Murphy to serve the community that she loved so deeply.

The electorate of Dunkley is named after Louisa Dunkley, a champion for equal pay for women, and it is fitting that its newest member has dedicated so much of her working life to supporting women in that local community, including as the founder of Women's Spirit. Jodie, while Peta Murphy wanted you to be her successor as the member for Dunkley, of course the ultimate decision belonged, as it always does, to the people of your local community. On 2 March, the people of Dunkley put their trust in you to be their champion—and I must say that it did give me, the Treasurer and the Minister for Skills and Training the birthday gift that we did want, that we did ask for.

So, to use each and every day you spend in this place in this role, you will be able to make a positive difference to people's lives. I know that that is the focus that you will bring to the special honour, the great privilege and, above all, the solemn responsibility that you take up today as the member for Dunkley. We're delighted to welcome you to the parliament, to the caucus and to our Labor government—reinforcing, as you will notice in the caucus room, a majority of women. May this be the first of many sitting weeks and the beginning of many years of service as the member for Dunkley. I wish you all the very best and congratulations once again.