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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Constituency Statements

Petrie Electorate

10:33 am

Photo of Luke HowarthLuke Howarth (Petrie, Liberal Party) Share this | Hansard source

Earlier this week I asked locals on my Facebook page what they wanted me to raise in parliament. Shirley Watts would like to get rid of political pensions and perks. I can confirm, Shirley, that members elected after 2004 will not receive political pensions, including people like the current Prime Minister, Scott Morrison: he was elected in 2007 and will not receive a political pension. These changes have been made. They came in 2004.

Jacquie Nunn said she would like to see citizenship removed from dual citizens who are known terrorist offenders, and Jane Uksi wants to ensure our borders are safe. Ladies, the Prime Minister made a statement on 22 November 2018, along with the Minister of Home Affairs, that addressed this. We already strip terrorists of their citizenship if they have dual citizenship but that requires, currently, a sentence of six years or more. We will be moving this week and next week to make sure that we remove that requirement and toughen up the law so, if people are convicted of terrorism and they have dual citizenship, their Australian citizenship will be able to be removed.

Craig Brown asked me my position on the sale of the North Lakes Golf Course. I am against the sale of the North Lakes Golf Course. I'm against the rezoning of it from sport and recreation to residential. I've called on the council to not accept a DA and to vote against it. North Lakes is built around that golf course. I'll be fighting hard to make sure it remains a golf course. We already lack sport and recreation facilities in Griffin, North Lakes and Mango Hill.

Gary Von Dohlen wants an MRI machine for Redcliffe Hospital. I am currently fighting to make sure I get an MRI licence for the Petrie area.

Barry Grant and David Unwin would like the Bruce Highway upgraded. We have funded six lanes all the way from Caboolture to the Sunshine Coast. They're currently working on the new Caloundra Road and Sunshine Coast Motorway interchange. That's a good thing.

John Williams also commented. Terrip Anala said her biggest concern was lies being told by the Labor Party. That is a concern. At the moment there is the website That will address all of the lies you are so concerned about.

I thank the people in my electorate for commenting on my page. I will get through more of them. I will do my best to continue to represent you well here.


Johannes Kock
Posted on 7 Dec 2018 6:32 pm

Residents in North Lakes are concerned about the ongoing uncertainty regarding the future of the North Lakes Golf Course and the fact that their local councillor, Ms Julie Greer, is not allowed to comment on or to discuss these issues with her local constituents. Residents feel disenfranchised by this absence of direct presentation on Council level.
I have submitted the following comments on the North Lakes Common website:
"Most residential property owners in North Lakes are opposed to any development that will increase traffic in and around North Lakes.
Noise pollution in and around North Lakes is already very high due to all the major road thoroughfares in and around the suburb.
Residents strongly oppose proposals that might have a negative impact on the quiet residential character of the suburb; they are opposed to any type of development that could potentially attract large numbers of people to sports amenities and other events on any part of the current golf course, especially over weekends when most residents put a premium on their quiet and privacy.
The preservation of all natural parkland is very important for residents in a densely populated suburb like North Lakes. They are reluctant to support development proposals that encroach on current open spaces and that might threaten the preservation of the little natural fauna and flora that still survive in and around the area"