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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Questions without Notice


2:18 pm

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My question is for the Attorney-General. Secularist attacks upon Christianity inundate. Nativity scenes are gone. Stars are removed from Christmas trees. Now the Queensland government eradicates Christian moral teachings from schoolyards. Can we be assured that the replacement won't be humanism—to quote Lenin, 'communism's father and mother'? Stalin and Mao, 72 million dead; Charles Darwin; Adolf Hitler's master race, 26 million dead—and education in Australia tells of Pax Romana replacing Roman tyranny. The Magna Carta, the abolition of slavery, the collapse of communism and history's six greatest scientists—all of this from the carpenter preacher from Nazareth?


Posted on 16 Aug 2017 10:51 pm

THe Queensland EDucation attack on religion in schools is in direct contradiction o the referendum held in 1910 which gained a 74% YES VOte.

"The State schoolmaster, in school
hours, teaches selected Bible lessons
from a reading book provided for the
purpose, but is not allowed to give
sectarian teaching;
Any minister of religion is entitled,
in school hours, to give the children
of his own denomination an hours
religious instruction on such days as
the School Committee can arrange for;
Any parent is entitled to withdraw his
child from all religious teaching if he
chooses to do so?
If you desire Religious instruction in
State Schools, vote thus YES.
If you object to Religious Instruction
in State Schools, vote thus NO."

NO doubt the Greens and ALP will have the same respect for a PLebiscite that votes NO to SSM.

Jason Raymond
Posted on 20 Aug 2017 9:59 am

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