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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Questions without Notice

Energy Security

2:44 pm

Photo of Darren ChesterDarren Chester (Gippsland, National Party, Deputy Leader of the House) Share this | Hansard source

They know that this impending closure of Hazelwood is exactly what Labor wanted five years ago when they voted for the Contract for Closure scheme. Those opposite wanted to get rid of coal-fired power stations under the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd governments, and they know it. This Prime Minister has a plan for jobs. He has a plan for reliable and affordable energy into the future. Labor in this place and at state levels right around Australia has given up on the workers that it used to represent. Labor has sold out to the Greens. You know you have sold out to the Greens, member for Maribyrnong, and it is families around Australia who will pay the price if 'Electricity Bill' ever becomes Prime Minister.


Robert Ashman
Posted on 10 Feb 2017 3:57 pm (Report this comment)

Darren Chester should know that the expected life of the Hazelwood Power Station was 40 years, that means that that station should have been closed down in the early 2000s not 2017.

Posted on 10 Feb 2017 7:34 pm (Report this comment)

Robert Ashman may be correct that Darren Chester should have known that Hazelwood POwer Station had a 40 Year life but in that case the Victorian State Government should have built a new plant. IT is a state government responsibility to ensure that ELectricity is available and if they cannot do that they are failures.

PEter Beattie found out that the electorate accepted no excuse even from cyclonic disruption.

WE do not want to know whether recyclables are 20% 25% or 50% we want only to know that the power is available 365 Days a year 24 hours a day. NO EXCUSE ACCEPTED. IF IT IS NOT WORKING FIX IT.

ALL STate Governments need to announce that they are building State owned state run power stations and will buy power off them for their distributors. EAch STate GOvernment should now be building new power plants using CLean QUeensland Coal. The decision on whether this plant should be in Queensland or Victoria should have been determined on basis of a cost benefit analysis taking into account all costs and all benefits.

However we can safely say that ALL STate Governments in last ten years have been grossly negligent unless they can keep lights, air conditioners and Aluminium plants operating with power that has not increased in Price more than CPI.

REgulate the market so that any failure to supply at standard pricing will be penalised with penalties equal to 100% of profit. I minutes failure to supply will mean loss of all assets to AUstralian people.

THe wholesale price charged to SA yesterday should be treated as theft and Directors of selling power stations treated as criminals.

Andrew Jackson

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