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Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Omnibus Repeal Day (Spring 2015) Bill 2015, Amending Acts 1990 to 1999 Repeal Bill 2015, Statute Law Revision Bill (No. 3) 2015; Second Reading

8:57 pm

Photo of Wyatt RoyWyatt Roy (Longman, Liberal Party, Assistant Minister for Innovation) Share this | Hansard source

We on this side of the House in the Liberal Party come to this place with a very strong conviction—a very simple idea but a very strong conviction: we believe that our society and our economy prosper when we remove government from our lives. We do not believe that the great creators of wealth and prosperity in this country are the Public Service or the government sitting here in Canberra; we believe that the great creators of prosperity and economic activity in our country are Australians who are prepared to have a go, take on some risk and drive the entrepreneurial spirit in our country.

The Omnibus Repeal Day (Spring 2015) Bill 2015 and cognate bills—and this is becoming quite routine in this House—seek to remove laws, something very novel for our country. We often say that we are the wealth of all wisdom in this country and we are going to impose new laws and new regulations on the Australian people. Instead, with these repeal bills, we are removing regulation. We are freeing up our society and freeing up our businesses so they can go out and do what they do so well.

And we have really exceeded our target. Our target was about a billion dollars a year, and already we have achieved red-tape reductions of $4.5 billion over two years, which is a very significant achievement

We have removed 3,600 spent and redundant acts and more than 10,000 legislative mechanisms. This is a very significant achievement. The former assistant minister, Josh Frydenberg, has left the chamber, but I want to commend him and Peter Hendy, the new minister, on their incredible work. I commend these bills to the House.

Debate adjourned.


Posted on 21 Dec 2015 6:16 pm

Wyatt ROy is correct with this government they certainly are not "creators of wealth and prosperity"

Some previous governments were The Menzies government created the Snowy Mountains scheme , the Bjelke Petersen Government built the Fairbairn Dam and got mines opened, railways built and towns opened.

The Turnbull Government actively working to run down the economy in the same way as the Newman regime tried to wipe out the good economic management of most previous Queensland governments.

WE need governments that will build dams submarines abattoirs ports and railways or at least not sell them off and live off the family silver.

With our second biggest provincial town under threat from private industry and government inactivity Mr Roy is worried about an out-dated Omnibus Bill.

THe CSIRO do a much better job of spruiking the Governments achievements than MR Roy does. They say " Notable developments by the CSIRO have included the invention of atomic absorption spectroscopy, development of the first commercially successful polymer banknote, the invention of the insect repellent in Aerogard and the introduction of a series of biological controls into Australia, such as the introduction of myxomatosis and rabbit calicivirus for the control of rabbit populations". Maybe MR Roy needs to spend more time listening and less time talking.

Andrew Jackson