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Monday, 24 February 2014

Statements by Members

New South Wales Election: Seat of Swansea

4:04 pm

Photo of Jill HallJill Hall (Shortland, Australian Labor Party) Share this | Hansard source

I would like to congratulate Yasmin Catley on her preselection to be the Labor Party candidate in the state election in the seat of Swansea. Yasmin is an outstanding woman who has many, many attributes. She is the kind of person who is an actual doer as opposed to the current member for Swansea. She has children who range from primary school age to high school, and she is really aware of the issues that are important to families. She knows how important it is that there are good services in our local hospitals and that kids get great education, and she knows how important jobs are for the people of the Swansea area. She is also very active in local community groups and sporting groups. Her children play netball for Caves Beach and they play every Saturday in Belmont. Yasmin will be an outstanding member of parliament. I am sure the current member for Swansea—Liberal member Gary Edwards—is quaking in his shoes to know that such a dynamic young woman with so many close ties to the community will be his opponent. Yasmin is a woman with great leadership qualities. She is compassionate and an outstanding human being.


mark roskell
Posted on 3 Sep 2014 10:53 pm

Hi Jill as a supporter of the Labor Party since my first day at work i find it disturbing that you endorse the wife of a former Labor Party representative who is extremely disliked by the local electorate.My question to you is this.When will the Labor Party learn and actually start listening to the rank and file voters?People are not stupid and by her going by her maiden name does not hide the fact she is the wife of Robert Coombs.