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Monday, 18 October 2021


Morrison Government, Climate Change

1:57 pm

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It is eight days before COP26 in Glasgow, and what have we got from the Morrison government? Complete disarray on climate policy. After eight years and 21 policies, we still have nothing. Goodness knows what will be taken to Glasgow. Right now, we have a handful of National Party members holding the government to ransom. What an absolute disgrace! A handful of National Party people are now trying to distance themselves, trying to pretend that, somehow, they're not part of the government, and they are holding the government to ransom.

Today we heard Mr Barnaby Joyce, the Deputy Prime Minister of this country, say on radio, 'We mightn't have a view before Glasgow26.' Australians are very clear on this issue. They want climate change policy and they want action on it now, not eight years of nothing from those opposite, the government of this country. What cowardice we have seen from our Prime Minister in not staring down his party and not creating a vision for Australia. We need a vision for the private sector, who are clearly calling out for vision; a vision for farmers, who want action on climate change; and a vision for workers, who also want action on climate change. Instead, what have we got? We have a handful of government backbenchers, some of their ministers and the Deputy Prime Minister of this country holding everyone to ransom. Australians are watching. I can let you know that in the electorate of Pearce the No. 1 issue is climate change. They're pretty disgusted with their local member, as well. They think $1 million hidden away in a trust fund is not okay. Australians are watching. It is time the Prime Minister stood up and let us all learn exactly what is being taken to Glasgow and not allow himself to be held to ransom.

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It being very close to 2 pm, we will proceed to questions without notice.