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Monday, 9 August 2021



1:38 pm

Photo of Malcolm RobertsMalcolm Roberts (Queensland, Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party) Share this | | Hansard source

The humble veggie garden is about to become an unlikely place in the battle for freedom. Vegetable gardens are more than fresh vegetables, exercise, effort and reward. When we Australians tend our veggie garden, we're enjoying a freedom—a freedom about to be taken from us.

In the globalist world that the Greens, Labor, Liberals and Nationals promote, there's no place for veggie gardens. There's no family block of land in their policies. There is no landownership. Housing for everyday Australians will officially be a small box in a block of tiny units, as I've discussed before. Anyone who gets enjoyment from gardening will be herded into community gardens, allocated 10 square metres, allowed just 20 litres of water a week and told to 'have at it'. Anything a person grows will get shared with others in the garden, if it's not stolen. That's a metaphor for our Marxist future. Balcony gardens will be impossible to maintain. According to federal government planning measures, from 2030 onwards, each Australian will be allowed just 120 litres of water a day, barely enough to cook, clean, bathe and drink. The joy of getting our hands into good, clean dirt will be a memory. Immune system reinforcement from sunshine and exercise: denied. Australians will be forced to buy commercial produce from supermarkets who send significant dividends to foreign banks. Corporations win; Australians lose. That's why the Lib-Lab duopoly has not built any new dams. Creating water scarcity is a powerful control to dictate limits on each of us, to control where you live and how you live.

This government, the party of Menzies, supposedly the party of individual freedom and enterprise, no longer accepts the concept of freedom of choice. One Nation believe it's not up to Big Brother to control citizens; we believe it's up to citizens to make decisions for themselves. Our democracy is from the ground up, literally. We will not be divided and herded. We have one flag; we are one community; we are one nation.