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Tuesday, 6 October 2020


Budget, Queensland State Election

9:07 pm

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The budget we have received tonight is an important one for the Australian people, but it was made possible because of the excellent economic management of this government before the COVID virus hit and because of the strong and decisive leadership of the Morrison government post-COVID. It recognises that the best way to pay off a nation's debt is to grow the economy and that the best way to do that is to promote investment, to invest in infrastructure and to leverage more investment from Australians in the businesses and jobs that are needed for economic recovery.

But it is with great sadness that I say that right now Queensland does not have that same kind of leadership. Queensland had the worst unemployment rate well before the COVID virus hit. It had the highest debt of any state government in the country before the COVID virus hit. It lacked leadership. It was just lazy and populist politics every day of the week. But there's an opportunity to change that coming up very soon, and that is by electing a majority LNP government on 31 October.

To get that, Queenslanders must vote 1 for the LNP. What history tells us time and time again is that having a flutter with the minor parties simply delivers a Labor-Greens minority government. Don't risk it, there's no time for that. Going into the end of this month, nine seats are needed for the LNP to win government—and it doesn't need to be just any; it can be more, that's fine! There are many great candidates from our side, right across the state. I am hugely proud that there are now more than 20 outstanding female candidates that have been selected by the LNP to go into this election. They were selected on merit. They were selected because of the attributes they bring, from quality life experience, to the job. They are ready and rearing to go, and they are already working hard in their local communities to contribute. So I thought I would mention a few of them who are really very impressive. In Gaven we have Kirsten Jackson—a mum, a business owner, someone who understands the daily challenges faced by small businesses. And boy, is she a stark contrast to the political hack incumbent! The incumbent was handed the plum assistant ministry for tourism but has absolutely abandoned Gold Coast tourism operators during their time of need, when COVID has meant they are most in need. Kirsten Jackson has a passion for the industries and people that make the Gold Coast great.

In Springwood we have Kirrily Boulton running for the LNP against yet another Labor union hack turned underwhelming minister whose greatest achievement this term was not being sacked for blatantly misusing taxpayer funds in the way members opposite have complained about so much in the past—

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Senator Stoker, I would just remind you of standing order 193, which says you should not use offensive words against members of either this House or of a state or territory parliament.

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I withdraw, Mr Acting Deputy President. Thank you. On the crossroads of the M1, the Gateway and the Logan Motorway, the potential of the Springwood electorate is enormous—and it can only be achieved by electing a majority Frecklington LNP government, including the great benefits that will be reaped from the second M1 at that important location.

In Mansfield we have the amazing, dynamic Janet Wishart. She has had a career that is all about public service—helping people work through a time of need, working through a disability, working through some of the most heart-wrenching experiences people could possibly have. In Maiwar we have Lauren Day—a former journalist, a mother of two and the wife of a policeman. She is an utter superstar, an energetic achiever who would kick goals for those in her local area.

For those in Aspley, Amanda Cooper needs no introduction. For over a decade, she has represented and delivered for this region as a member of the Brisbane City Council. She and her husband have raised three children in that local community.

In Mirani is a favourite of mine, Tracie Newitt. 'Trucker Trace' drives a road train. She's got everything you need to succeed. And there are so many more— (Time expired)