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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Statement by the President

Use of Props

12:01 pm

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Senators, I was asked to consider the issue of wearable items with slogans last week and this week, and I said I would come back to the chamber. On 14 November I said to the chamber, in a ruling on a similar matter, 'It is disorderly for senators to wear garments bearing slogans, regardless of the size of the slogan,' repeating a ruling offered on 17 July 2014 by former President Parry. Such practices are disruptive of orderly debate, as they allow senators to intervene in ways other than by receiving the call from the chair. Given the matter raised last week and yesterday, in order for the application of this to be consistent, it applies to all wearable items. As I stated again, I distinguish from these rules the wearing of relatively non-contentious lapel-sized ribbons and badges without statements or slogans.