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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Questions on Notice

Financial Management and Accountability (Question Nos 2337 and 2377)

Photo of Scott RyanScott Ryan (Victoria, Liberal Party, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Fair Competition) Share this | | Hansard source

asked the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, upon notice, on 10 October 2012:

For each department and agency under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 and each Commonwealth authority under the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997 within the Minister's portfolio: For each of the following items:

(a) licences; (b) registrations; (c) fee for services; and (d) permits (and all other permission structures):

(1) How many are administered to the non-government sector?

(2) What are the associated fees with each item, and which sectors of the community are required to hold each?

(3) How often does each item require renewal?

(4) What fees have been paid for each item for the following financial years (or since the item was introduced since 2007-08):

(a) 2007-08;

(b) 2008-09;

(c) 2009-10;

(d) 2010-11;

(e) 2011-12; and

(f) 2012-13.

(5) How much total revenue is collected annually from each of the listed items?

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The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) There are four administered to the non-government sector as follows:

(a) Licences - LEGENDcom

(b) Registrations - Migration Agents

(c) Fee for services - APEC Business Travel Card

- Translation and Interpreting Service (TIS)

(d) The Department does not receive any revenue from permits.

(2) The following information provides a description of the fee.

(a) LEGENDcom

LEGENDcom is a licence subscription fee for service to the public for access to the department's migration and citizenship legislation and policy website.

Major clients include registered migration agents and legal practitioners who provide advice on migration or citizenship matters.

The associated fees for 2012-13 are;

  (i) Full - $800

  (ii) Limited - $730

  (iii) Not for profit - $420

  (iv) Secondary licence - $345

  (v) DVD - $170

(b) Migration Agents registration

The Migration Agent registration fee allows agents to provide migration services to the public. The registration is open to individuals or businesses interested in undertaking migration agent work.

The associated fees for 2012-13 are

  (i) Initial - $160

  (ii) Repeat - $105, for non-commercial migration agents

  (iii) Initial - $1,760

  (iv) Repeat - $1,595, for commercial migration agents

(c) APEC business travel card

An APEC business travel card is granted to accredited business people to allow them to make multiple short-term business visits to other APEC economies. This saves business people the time and effort involved in applying for visas or entry permits for travelling to APEC economies. The scheme also provides cardholders with access to fast track lanes at the participating airports.

The associated fee for 2012-13 is $200.

(c) Translation and Interpreting Service

The fee relates to telephone and on site interpreting services provided by the department. Interpreting services are provided to the public.

The associated fees for 2012-13 are:

  (i) Telephone interpreting $25.85 standard hours and $41.36 after hours)

  (ii) Automated telephone interpreting $23.21 standard hours and $37.29 after hours

  (iii) Pre-booked telephone interpreting $59.62 standard hours first 30 minutes, $25.85 standard hours additional 15 minutes and $95.48 after hours first 30 minutes, $40.36 after hours additional 15 minutes

  (iv) Standard on site interpreting $168.41 standard hours first 90 minutes, $55.66 standard hours additional 30 minutes and $269.17 after hours first 90 minutes, $89.21 after hours additional 30 minutes

  (v) Full day on site interpreting $45.32 standard hours per 30 minutes, $72.82 after hours per 30 minutes and $725.45 weekday day charge, $1,164.24 weekend and public holidays day charge

  (vi) Travel costs $.83 vehicle allowance per kilometre, $124.41 overnight travelling allowance, $45.32 travel time standard hours per 30 minutes, $72.82 travel time after hours per 30 minutes.

(3) (a) LEGENDcom

Subscriptions are for a twelve month period

(b) Migration Agents registration

Registration renewal is required annually

(c) APEC business travel cards

An APEC card is valid for a period of three years

(c) Translation and Interpreting Service

Clients are charged on a fee for service basis

(4) The individual fees for each subscription type between 2007-08 and 2012-13 to date are as follows;

(a) LEGENDcom

(b) Migration Agents registration

(c) APEC business travel card

(c) Translation and Interpreting Service

(5) The amount of total revenue collected annually is listed below;