Senate debates

Thursday, 30 March 2006



The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

[Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) number]

Civil Aviation Act—Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—Manual of Standards Part 172 Amendment (No. 1) 2006 [F2006L00929]*.

Customs Act—Tariff Concession Order 0516783 [F2006L00789]*.

Defence Act—Section 51X—Utilisation of the Defence Force to protect Commonwealth interests against violence if specified circumstances arise—Report, dated 27 March 2006; and order, dated 10 March 2006.

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—Instrument amending list of key threatening processes under section 183, dated 23 March 2006 [F2006L00968]*.

Financial Management and Accountability Act—Financial Management and Accountability Net Appropriation Agreement (Australian Public Service Commission) Variation (2006) [F2006L00964]*.

Fisheries Management Act—

Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop Fishery Management Plan 2002—Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop Fishery Total Allowable Catch Determination 2006 [F2006L00930]*.

Northern Prawn Fishery Management Plan 1995—NPF Directions Nos—

94—Gear Requirements [F2006L00932]*.

97—Protected Area Closures [F2006L00931]*.

Migration Act—Migration Regulations—Instruments—

IMMI06/004—Organisations that may sponsor Short Stay Business Visitors [F2006L00804]*.

IMMI06/017—Migration Occupations in Demand [F2006L00912]*.

National Health Act—

Arrangement No. PB 22 of 2006—IVF/GIFT Program [F2006L00965]*.

Determinations Nos—

PB 15 of 2006 [F2006L00938]*.

PB 17 of 2006 [F2006L00942]*.

PB 18 of 2006 [F2006L00950]*.

Telecommunications (Carrier Licence Charges) Act—Determination under paragraph 15(1)(b) No. 1 of 2006 [F2006L00868]*.

Workplace Relations Act—Directions to Inspectors, dated 27 March 2006 [F2006L00983]*.

*       Explanatory statement tabled with legislative instrument.