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Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Matters of Public Importance

Dunkley By-Election

4:19 pm

Photo of Jana StewartJana Stewart (Victoria, Australian Labor Party) Share this | Hansard source

But we've seen it, and do you know who else has seen it? The people of Dunkley have seen it. What an absolute farce that those opposite try to bring this motion before the Senate! They don't have a plan for cost-of-living relief. They only want to pick fights. Politics over people is all they are about. They only want to play games. Peter Dutton has nothing to offer the people of our nation. He has opposed every single action that our government has brought forward to ease the cost-of-living pressure that every single person across our nation, on every corner, is experiencing right now. He is all about saying no and dividing people.

So make no mistake: by voting for your Liberal candidate in the seat of Dunkley, you are voting for Peter Dutton. That is who you are voting for if you vote for your Liberal candidate, and what a shame! The people of Dunkley deserve better than Dutton. Senator Hume even said today while out in Dunkley that she had never seen so many red shirts. She is right, because the people of Dunkley see through the Liberals' plan. The people of Dunkley know they can trust Labor. The people of Dunkley know that only Labor will deliver practical solutions and a practical plan to deliver cost-of-living relief for every single person living in Dunkley. We don't waste our time in this place with political games and filibustering. We're listening to locals and getting on with the work. And how are we doing that? With an urgent care clinic in Frankston and 12,000 services for the people of Dunkley, and more than one in three of those services delivered to kids under 15. That sounds exactly like we are prioritising the people of Dunkley.


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