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Tuesday, 17 October 2023


Special Purpose Flights; Order for the Production of Documents

3:48 pm

Photo of Jacqui LambieJacqui Lambie (Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie Network) Share this | Hansard source

I remember the Labor Party going on about the last election, because this blue team over here had no transparency, didn't want to know about accountability and had no integrity. I tell you what? By gee whiz! Oh, my goodness me! What a let down! You took a promise to the Australian people about accountability, integrity, trust and transparency, and it's all blown out of the water already. It's absolutely amazing!

This is absolute rubbish, if I've seen anything on special-purpose-aircraft flights. I don't give a stuff about your guidelines, to be honest with you, because this is rubbish. Unless it is a national security factor, there should be no reason to hide the names of those people that were on those aircraft. There is absolutely no reason for that, apart from your lack of accountability over here in the Labor Party. That's what you promised at the last election. By the way, the Australian people had faith that you would produce that this term. You have failed to do so. They lost the election as part of that, but you have not been able to stay on the line and deliver what you promised to the Australian people.

In absolutely blows me away when you talk in this place about national security. You have an absolute lack of understanding of it. Like I said, there is absolutely no reason for your name not to be released if you are on a special-purpose aircraft, unless there is a national security issue. That is rubbish. It's taxpayers' money that you're using to fly. They want to know who is in there and why they're in there. That's what they want to know. You are flying around this country in those aircraft and you still can't be transparent about it. Goodness me. What a disgrace this Senate has become because of both the major parties. You wonder why Australians have absolutely no trust in us and have no respect whatsoever for us here. I thought you people were coming here to restore those values in the Australian people, and you have failed to do so. Why does that not surprise me?

This is rubbish having to waste time talking about getting a passenger manifest basically so that people can see what is going on. You can't do that? It's an absolute disgrace. In the meantime you're using guidelines and are chucking them over here. Do you have any idea of the look out there across this country today? Do you have any idea what they're thinking? I can tell you now.

You keep doing this. This is great for the next federal election. People have had enough. They have absolutely had enough of this. You had an opportunity to be open and honest with the Australian people over something so simple, but you blew it with this. Once again you're no better than the blue team, and that's why they lost the last election. I'm sure the Greens want some more members here in the Senate. JLN is going in all states in the Senate next time round in the federal election. You might want to do what you promised the Australian people and be transparent and honest. There's not one excuse—and don't use the excuse of national security—why these names cannot be out there.

Senator Wong wasted 10 minutes of taxpayers' money and time today coming in here with some drivel. It was absolutely rubbish. It's a disgrace. You have a good think about that because, quite frankly, we're going to keep coming. There is no reason to hide who was on those VIP flights. If you can't tell us, I have to ask: what are you hiding? Have we had too many family members running around? Have you had people on there that you don't want others to know you're associated with? Have we got union members or golf buddies? What's going on here?

Anyway, you let us all know when you're big enough to pass those manifests over so that we can see who was on those flights, instead of trying to hide everything under a rock. It is not helpful in this nation. That is why they have no trust in us. Quite frankly, I don't blame Australians. I wouldn't have any trust in us either, and I don't. Start being transparent and start getting the job done.

Question agreed to.


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