Senate debates

Monday, 19 June 2023


Consideration of Legislation

11:41 am

Photo of Tim AyresTim Ayres (NSW, Australian Labor Party, Assistant Minister for Trade) Share this | Hansard source

The net result of today's vote—a conspiracy between Mr Bandt and Mr Dutton and a conspiracy between Mr Chandler-Mather and Mr Taylor—will be 30,000 fewer homes. That will be the consequence of this vote—30,000 fewer homes. The Greens are out there in communities pretending that they care about low-income people and pretending they care about people who need housing. They are going to wear around their neck for year after year after year is the consequence of what they have done today—30,000 fewer homes for low-income Australians.

We saw the government's determination on Saturday. The Prime Minister said, 'We're not going to wait for the coalition logjam'—the ideologically convenient alliance between the Trotskyites and student politicians over here and the hard right of the Liberal Party. What did the Prime Minister do? He announced $2 billion of additional social housing expenditure because we on this side are about social housing. What they over there are about is social media.


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