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Wednesday, 10 May 2023


Public Interest Disclosure Amendment (Review) Bill 2022; In Committee

11:52 am

Photo of David ShoebridgeDavid Shoebridge (NSW, Australian Greens) Share this | Hansard source

It's not clear to me from that answer whether the Attorney is satisfied that the preparatory steps are being put in place for this to commence operating from 1 July, and I think that's a concern, because we were told it was essential for the NACC to be in place and for whistleblowers to have that protection. It's unfortunate, when the direct question has been asked of the minister—is this actually going to be ready and what satisfaction can you give us that this is going to be up and running in the public sector by 1 July? It's an important matter. I agree with the Attorney that it is important that it be in place, and I agree that whistleblowers need protection from 1 July. But my concern, from that answer from the minister, is that there's no commitment to actually have the public sector ready to go on 1 July when the NACC opens its doors. Anyone from the public sector who is hearing that answer from the minister would be troubled that this core issue of preparation hasn't been addressed/

I particularly note that the AG was hot under the collar and the office was hot under the collar months ago that you wouldn't have time to get this ready. Is that really the best response you can give about putting this in place, Minister?


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