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Thursday, 4 August 2022


Mining Industry

1:34 pm

Photo of Penny Allman-PaynePenny Allman-Payne (Queensland, Australian Greens) Share this | Hansard source

ALLMAN-PAYNE () (): The world is in the process of transitioning away from fossil fuels towards a decarbonised economy fuelled by renewable energy. Coal is on the way out already, and we must make sure that the workers in the coal industry and their families are taken care of. Regional workers in Australia working in the coal industry deserve a just fully funded transition to support them, their families and the communities. Workers across regional Australia know that a transition to low-emissions industries will happen, and they don't appreciate the scare campaigns being run by members of the Liberal and National parties. Scare campaigns help no-one, and they do nothing to change the facts.

The Greens want well paid, stable employment for people in communities currently engaged in the fossil fuel industry. We're working to secure that future so that workers will have opportunities for gainful employment in other industries. The Greens are the only party facing the reality of the energy transition, and we're the only party who took a comprehensive and costed transition plan to the election. No coal worker should experience the financial insecurity and anxiety for the future that comes with losing their job suddenly. With a carefully planned transition, we can assure workers that they will have rewarding jobs until their retirement and that their families, especially their children, will have strong services and employment options in the towns and communities that they know and love. Our regional communities will have a bright future, long after the last bit of coal is shovelled out of the ground, but only if we plan the transition well and we start planning it now.


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