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Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Matters of Public Importance

Prime Minister

4:35 pm

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tor ROBERTS () (): [by video link] This matter of public importance states:

The reported views of members of the NSW Liberal Government, including that they consider Mr Morrison to be "the Prime Minister for Morrison and no one else".

While that is increasingly heard in the media, among members of the government, among members of the Liberal and National parties and among the people, I reflect on an additional, more significant and rapidly growing conclusion among the people, and it's allied to the one this MPI debates. That conclusion is that the parliament of Australia is for the parliament. By that they mean the parliament is working for both the tired old parties—that is, the Liberal-Nationals and the Labor Party—and the people of Australia are the ones paying the price, because the people are serving the parliament, when we need to get back to the parliament serving the people.

I'm very positive about Australians—our resources, our opportunities, our potential—yet I'm very worried about Australia, because of shoddy governance for many decades, and so are the people—for example, the truckies. The truckies recently blockaded a highway south of Brisbane. Truckies are the salt of the earth—regular people, real people. There's nothing that hasn't been on a truck, whether during processing or after it has been made and sent to market. Truckies interact with everyone—all ways of life, all callings and all needs. Now they're calling out the politicians—and not just those from the government; truckies are calling out politicians generally. Why? Because they're feeling doubtful, confused, afraid, overwhelmed and hopeless, and they're getting angry and feeling very frustrated. Why? Because of their need for a livelihood, which is being threatened; their need for survival; their need for truth and honesty—a basic need; their need for consistency and ease, predictability; their need to be heard by the members who are supposed to represent them in parliament; their need for leadership, trust, integrity, credibility.

Let's have a look at some of the data. We've now had hundreds of days of lockdown in Victoria, months in some of the other states. It's capricious: smacked on and taken off suddenly. People's lives have been ruined. There has been stress, isolation, poverty, suicide, domestic violence. There have been cruel restrictions. One of a pair of twins was lost because their parent was denied access to a Brisbane hospital because she came from northern New South Wales. Fancy losing a twin because of some capricious government or bureaucrat!

Parents are dying without the comfort of their kids. Kids in cancer treatment are alone because their parents have to go into lockdown. Then we have curfews. We have local government authorities in areas of Sydney calling on people to show their papers before they can move from one LGA to another. There is child suicide, domestic violence, alcohol abuse. There are kids at boarding school unable to go home for the holidays and see their families. There are now threats and bribes to get people to vaccinate, and those threats are undermining vaccination itself.

The World Health Organization says that lockdowns are to be used only initially, to get control of the virus. Well, 18 months is not 'initially'. Every time a government slaps on a lockdown in this country it is admitting, for the whole world to see, that it does not have control of the virus. Clearly, there is no plan—people can see and feel that—but politicians lack the strength of character to admit their error. They're locked in, gutlessly, to save face in front of the people.

The Liberal-National and Labor governments, state and federal, are pushing this rubbish on the people of Australia. The people, though, are starting to get the Liberals to backpedal. What is happening is that the data is starting to come out: people are feeling the pain, and they're saying, 'To hell with you lot.' They want to sort out parliament. But the politicians still won't back down, because of the fear they have drummed up, the fear that they have ingrained in our society and that is killing people.

What we see now, for the first time ever, are the Liberal, Nats and Labor pushing an untested and unproven vaccine. For the first time in history we see governments injecting healthy people with something that can kill them, and is killing many. At the same time, we see ivermectin, a now proven, safe, effective and affordable treatment—and a preventative; a prophylactic—and the Liberal, Nats and Labor are stopping this treatment. There's a complete lack of a plan, a bias away from the data and a contradiction of the data. All the truckies want is to have simple, basic needs met—an end to damaging lockdowns and curfews; vaccine by choice only; and children back to school—so they can get on with their lives and their livelihoods and protect their family. (Time expired)


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