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Thursday, 12 November 2020



9:49 am

Photo of Jacqui LambieJacqui Lambie (Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie Network) Share this | Hansard source

I will be supporting the motion of the Greens this morning on respect and women. As I was saying about Julie-Ann, showing respect to another female, she deserves every bit of it. She has earnt that. I can tell you now she has been hit down by many of those men out there. It has been very difficult for her, not only losing her son but what she's been through and the abuse she has been through on social media from men and some of those who have served and are serving. Yesterday she wore a yellow armband to remember her son and remember those veterans like Dave who have lost their lives and been lost to the war at home on home soil. She was here yesterday to serve as a living and breathing reminder of what we are supposed to mean when we say, 'Lest we forget.' Did we forget yesterday, or did we remember but decide not to acknowledge it anyway? When you say the ode in this place and you do that out of respect and you say these words, 'We will remember them,' what do you mean by that? While you were busy in here yesterday hurling insults at each other, nobody bothered to put up a motion for Remembrance Day. I'm not saying this to shame you. I'm saying this because I hate the fact that Julie-Ann and many others, including veterans, saw what happened in here yesterday and I, as an Australian senator, am absolutely ashamed and embarrassed by it.

So, out of respect, I say to all the men and women who have served this country in military uniform that I want to thank you for your service. I'll say what they didn't say in here yesterday, out of respect to you men and women—lest we forget.


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