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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Regulations and Determinations

Australian Postal Corporation (Performance Standards) Amendment (2020 Measures No. 1) Regulations 2020; Disallowance

7:16 pm

Photo of Malcolm RobertsMalcolm Roberts (Queensland, Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party) Share this | Hansard source

Senator Carr is a big on gusto and light on truth. Here's a letter from the consulting organisation that is advocating on behalf of the union. It is addressed to 'Dear Patricia', who is on Senator Hanson's staff. This letter was received at 5.36 pm today. It reads: 'Dear Patricia. Please pass on my thanks to Senator Hanson for her actions in the Senate today to put the regulations to a committee inquiry and ensure the reporting date was brought forward to August rather than March. I think neither the government, who wanted the regulations passed without scrutiny, nor the opposition, who wanted the inquiry extended to March, are thrilled with this outcome. But it is the right one for postal workers'—it is the right one for postal workers, she says; she is advocating on behalf of the union—'it is the right one for Australia Post management, Australia Post customers and, importantly, for the ability of the Senate to properly scrutinise legislation.' This is someone advocating on behalf of the union. She goes on: 'As I said at the end of the meeting, Senator Hanson and I may not agree on everything, but, on protecting jobs for essential workers, protecting services for Australian citizens and keeping public services in Australian ownership, we share a common goal.' Let me read that again. She says she and Senator Hanson have the common goal of protecting jobs for essential workers, protecting services for Australian citizens and keeping public services in Australian ownership. That is Senator Hanson's goal, shared by the unions. She finished by saying, 'Thank you again for your time this morning.'

Let me read you what I received just a few moments ago in a text message from Angela Cramp, who is leading the Licensed Post Office Group: 'Oh my God! Maybe you should run down and tell Kim Carr'—this was while Senator Carr was speaking—'that his issue was on the table in 2014 and he brought the wrong speech with him.' Then she came back again and said: 'He's actually embarrassing himself. He is so off topic.' And then she expressed some sympathy for me: 'Seriously, I don't know how you guys put up with this rubbish.'

What is going on is just stunning. Senator Hanson listens because she cares. She listens to all sides. She has been in and out of the government's offices in the last two days with a member of my staff and a member of her staff—because she cares enough to get the facts. The facts are what should be driving any decision. If you care enough, you get the facts first. And that is what Senator Hanson does—because she cares. We are in frequent contact with the Licensed Post Office Group because we know they have been left out in the cold and hung out to dry by both the Labor Party and the Liberal Party. I had Angela Cramp in my office today telling me that, agreeing with me. What is the matter with governance in this country when we don't listen to the people whose lives are being affected? Angela Cramp and the others are saying they are supportive of the proposed changes because that is being fair to the people. If we lie to them, if we mislead them and give them false hope, that is no good for them. They need better than that.

Before I go on I want to acknowledge our hardworking post office workers and post office licensees across Australia. In considering the impact of the government's—


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