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Monday, 29 July 2019


Health Insurance Amendment (Bonded Medical Programs Reform) Bill 2019; Second Reading

9:09 pm

Photo of Malcolm RobertsMalcolm Roberts (Queensland, Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party) Share this | Hansard source

Through you, a comment to Senator Watt: if he had been listening, rather than following what happens with traditional parties, he would have understood that I'm talking exactly about the core of this bill. I'm talking about rural communities that his party has neglected and, in Queensland, is neglecting right now. Shame on the Labor Party in Queensland. They use political correctness to shut down debate and silence people using labels like racist, sexist and misogynist, all in the names of victims yet designed, ultimately, to control the same victims. In this way, UN policy is taken as the basis of Greens policy. Labor piles on to get preferences, The Liberals pile on, and the Nats meekly kowtow.

Secure property rights are fundamental to freedom, fundamental to survival in the bush, fundamental to the productive capacity of the bush, and yet these are destroyed through ignorance, cowardice and gutlessness. So much for today's so-called Liberals ignoring and opposing the classical liberalism of Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek and Frederic Bastiat, to name just three, when their hero Prime Minister John Howard and his government were the very government that stole farmers' property rights to implement socialist UN policies. Worse—and I'm coming to the end—they did it in a way that deceitfully bypassed the Constitution to avoid paying farmers compensation. That's why we call for restoration or compensation on just terms, restoration or compensation from the theft of property rights. Going around the Constitution and using Labor premiers and a Liberal prime minister—these are the things that destroy the bush. These are the things that make it difficult to get doctors out into the bush. These are the things that make it difficult to get services adequately in the bush.

I didn't learn about these at the University of Chicago doing my MBA. I leaned about it studying the climate scam that led to unravelling the UN's agenda to undermine the fundamentals of democratic government and Australian values, something the Labor Party doesn't stand up too proudly on.

I have made a list of eight keys to human progress. First of all is freedom, which is going backwards. The rule of law is going backwards as statutes replace common law. Constitutional succession is going backwards. Secure, free property rights are going backwards. Honest, efficient, fair taxation is going backwards. Honest money is going backwards. Strong families are being undermined by family law from Gough Whitlam's Labor government and from the UN's 'unsafe' schools. Low-cost, affordable, reliable, environmentally responsible energy is being gutted.

We have much to repair and restore. While the bonded medical programs reform is heading in the right direction, the tide of destructive economic policies is swamping the bush and regional Australia. I'm proud to say we need to reverse the flow. If we really are serious about getting doctors, medical services and other services back into the bush to support the people who have the productivity of our country at heart, we need to reverse the flow that is undermining our national sovereignty and governance. One Nation is pleased to support this bill and to work with the Liberal and Labor parties to restore our nation's productive capacity to make sure that the people right around our country have adequate medical services. Thank you.


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