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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Matters of Public Importance


6:21 pm

Photo of Brian BurstonBrian Burston (NSW, Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party) Share this | Hansard source

I would like to thank the Ecuadorian senator for bringing attention to these problems her party has worked so hard to create. Let's not forget that it was the Labor Party that wrecked our budget in the first place with cash handouts for dead people and pink batts that burnt down houses and killed people. The Rudd government shovelled money out of the door, literally throwing away money for the sake of it. They blew a $22 billion surplus left by the Howard government. This was mad, reckless spending with no economic justification. The Keynesian arguments imported from America never applied to Australia, as we were never in a liquidity trap.

Now the Labor Party finally wake up to the fact that the budget they broke needs fixing—now that it is someone else's problem. They still will never support even a dollar being trimmed from our bloated welfare budget. They are no longer the party for working Australians. They now represent higher taxes and handouts. In Labor's world, all the work of budget repair will be done with new taxes, paid for by the working Australians they used to represent. They want to bring back the carbon tax—literally a tax on the air that we breathe—to stop the ocean rising a few millimetres in the next hundred years. This will raise electricity prices beyond the reach of many Australians. They want to levy new taxes on family trusts, which are used by virtually every family business in Australia. That's what you get from Labor when you try to earn a buck and help out your family, but if you sit on your bum, shoot up ice and demand a disability pension, don't worry: they'll be right in your corner.

Labor says they want to make housing affordable, but look what they do: they strangle the housing supply with regulations and green tape. At the same time, whenever they are in government they flood this country with immigrants and sell Australia piece by piece to foreign interests. You are never going to make housing affordable by supporting massive immigration and making more and more people fight over less and less.

Once again, thank you to Senator Gallagher for using some of her little remaining time in parliament to draw attention to these issues. The best way we can get started on fixing them is by never sending another vote in Labor's direction ever again.


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