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Thursday, 17 March 2016


Commonwealth Electoral Amendment Bill 2016; In Committee

Photo of Lee RhiannonLee Rhiannon (NSW, Australian Greens) Share this | Hansard source

Groundhog day, courtesy of Senator Conroy. How many times do we have to go through it? How much repetition do we need? It does not get more informative. It is a historic day.

Senator Conroy interjecting—

I am sure you will come back to it. You are a broken record; it is groundhog day—whatever you want to call it. But it is a historic day for Senate voting reform. When the history of this period is written, we will see that Labor has fallen on the wrong—

Senator Conroy interjecting—

I am happy to acknowledge all your interjections. Labor has fallen on the wrong side of history here. Labor is out there, effectively defending the comfort zone of Senator Conroy. His comfort zone is hanging out in the backroom deals. That is what he knows; that is what he wants to maintain and defend. How could you come in here and speak against voters having the right to decide their preferences?

Senator Conroy interjecting—


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