Senate debates

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

  • Ministerial Arrangements (0 speeches)
    • (1 speech)
      by leave—I can advise the Senate that Senator McKenzie has resigned her position of Minister for Agriculture and Minister Canavan has resigned his position as Minister for Resources and...
  • Party Office Holders (0 speeches)
    • National Party of Australia (1 speech)
      Following my resignation as Senate leader, the National Party Senate party room has appointed me as Senate leader and Senator Canavan as deputy leader.
    • Australian Greens (1 speech)
      I seek leave to make a short statement relating to party arrangements for the Australian Greens. Leave granted. I advise the Senate that I am the leader of the party in the Senate, that Senator...
  • Statements (0 speeches)
    • Canavan, Senator the Hon. Matthew (4 speeches)
      I wish to place a matter on the public record today in relation to a membership I've not previously declared. I currently have a supporters membership with the North Queensland Cowboys. This...
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  • Documents (0 speeches)
    • Tabling (1 speech)
      I wish to advise the Senate that I have received a number of letters and messages from presiding officers on behalf of their respective parliaments—in particular, senates and other upper...
  • Condolences (0 speeches)
    • Australian Bushfires (59 speeches)
      by leave—I move: That the Senate: (a) acknowledges the devastation across our nation occasioned by the bushfire season including the loss of 33 lives, the destruction of over 3,000 homes,...