Senate debates

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

  • Parliamentary Office Holders (0 speeches)
    • President (11 speeches)
      I remind the Senate that it should now choose one of its members to become President. I move: That Senator Ryan take the chair of the Senate as President. The Clerk: Are there any further nominations?
    • Presentation to Governor-General (2 speeches)
      I wish to inform honourable senators that the Governor-General will be pleased to receive the President and senators in the Members Hall immediately.
  • Parliamentary Representation (0 speeches)
  • Governor-General's Speech (0 speeches)
    • (1 speech)
      I inform the Senate that I have received a copy of the opening speech which His Excellency the Governor-General delivered to both houses of parliament. Ordered that consideration of the...
  • Business (0 speeches)
    • Rearrangement (27 speeches)
      I move: That standing order 3(4) be suspended, to enable the Senate to consider business other than that of a formal character before the address-in-reply to the Governor-General's opening speech...
  • Ministerial Arrangements (0 speeches)
    • (1 speech)
      I am pleased to advise that, at the election on 18 May 2019, Prime Minister Morrison and the Liberal-National government were re-elected. Following this, the new ministry was sworn in on 29 May...
  • Shadow Ministerial Arrangements (0 speeches)
    • (1 speech)
      by leave—I advise the Senate that, subsequent to the election, the caucus of the federal parliamentary Labor Party has re-elected me to serve as Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and...
  • Party Office Holders (0 speeches)
    • Australian Greens (1 speech)
      by leave—I advise the Senate that I continue as Leader of the Australian Greens parliamentary party. I advise that Senator Larissa Waters and Adam Bandt continue as co-deputy leaders, and...
    • National Party of Australia (1 speech)
      by leave—I wish to advise the Senate that I've been appointed Leader of The Nationals in the Senate, and Senator Matthew Canavan has been appointed our deputy leader. I also wish to advise...
    • Pauline Hanson's One Nation (1 speech)
      by leave—I advise the Senate that I am the leader and whip of Pauline Hanson's One Nation.
    • Independents (1 speech)
      by leave—I advise the Senate that, due to recent circumstances, I'm taking my place in this chamber as an Independent senator. I also advise the Senate that I shall be designated as a whip...
    • Centre Alliance (1 speech)
      by leave—I advise the Senate that I am the whip for Centre Alliance.
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  • Condolences (0 speeches)
    • Hawke, Hon. Robert James Lee (Bob), AO (1 speech)
      It is with deep regret that I inform the Senate of the death, on 16 May 2019, of the former Prime Minister the Hon. Robert James Lee Hawke. I advise senators that a condolence motion and the...
  • Parliamentary Office Holders (0 speeches)
    • Temporary Chairs of Committees (1 speech)
      Pursuant to standing order 12, I lay on the table a warrant nominating Senators Askew, Bernardi, Brockman, Brown, Faruqi, Fawcett, Fierravanti-Wells, Gallacher, Griff, Kitching, McCarthy, Sterle...
  • Notices (0 speeches)
    • Presentation (1 speech)
      I give notice that on Tuesday, 4 July I shall move: (1) That a joint select committee, to be known as the Joint Select Committee into the Public's Right to Know and Press Freedom, be established...
  • Committees (0 speeches)
    • Membership (2 speeches)
      I have received letters nominating senators to be members of committees. I draw the Senate's attention to there being two nominations for the one position on each of the following committees: the...
  • Business (0 speeches)
    • Days and Hours of Meeting (2 speeches)
      by leave—I move: That the Senate meet on Wednesday, 3 July, and Thursday, 4 July 2019. Question agreed to.
  • Adjournment (0 speeches)
    • Freedom of Speech (1 speech)
      Freedom of speech, belief and association are freedoms for which our forebears sacrificed. They understood the importance of nurturing these freedoms. These freedoms have allowed us to explore,...
    • Federal Election (1 speech)
      Tonight I pay thanks to our volunteers in the election campaign. I was the director of the campaign in the seat of Pearce. Despite us losing—and I congratulate Mr Porter on his...
    • Sudan: Human Rights (1 speech)
      I rise today to show my solidarity with the people of Sudan, who are demanding an end to human rights abuses and violence, and a genuine transition to democratic, civilian rule. In December last...
    • Russell, Ms Jenny, Brain Cancer (1 speech)
      I rise to reflect on the contributions of a very special woman, Jenny Russell, to the Queensland Liberal National Party. She passed away from a malignant brain tumour on 25 May this year, leaving...
    • Parliament of Australia (4 speeches)
      This is not my first speech, Madam Deputy President, but, before I go any further, I would like to congratulate you on your appointment—and best wishes in service to the Senate.
    • Environment (5 speeches)
      I'd like to do a couple of important shout-outs tonight—firstly, to a remarkable young Indonesian-Australian woman who I was lucky enough to meet in Launceston two months ago: Melati...
    • Petition: Religious Freedom Act (2 speeches)
      I rise this evening to speak on the important issue of religious freedom and to formally announce that I am launching a petition calling for a religious freedom act which should not only contain...
    • Pennicott, Ms Edna (3 speeches)
      Madam Deputy President, I congratulate you on your election today.
    • Juvenile Detention (4 speeches)
      Madam Deputy President, I take this opportunity to congratulate you on being reappointed as Deputy President.
    • Federal Election (1 speech)
      Thanks, Madam Deputy President. I congratulate you on your appointment. 'People are relying on you. You've got to stay strong.' That's what my wife, Penny, said to me soon after this year's...
    • Violence Against Women (4 speeches)
      Madam Deputy President, congratulations on your retention of that role.
    • Federal Election (3 speeches)
      Let me first congratulate you, Madam President, on your re-election to the position of Deputy President.