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Tuesday, 17 October 2023

Constituency Statements


4:24 pm

Photo of Phillip ThompsonPhillip Thompson (Herbert, Liberal National Party, Shadow Assistant Minister for Defence) Share this | | Hansard source

Nine days ago, Israel faced the unthinkable—a terrorist attack by Hamas, which led to the death of thousands, hundreds being taken hostage and the unrest of the world. There have been many speeches condemning the attack, and rightly so. The work of our nation is far from done, and words are not enough. We have had an Australian grandmother killed. Thousands of Australian citizens are in a war zone, many of which are stranded in Gaza, and there are hundreds who will face terror on our own shores. We need flights to get our people out, and a few just aren't enough. If military aircraft is needed, then activate the online battalion and get it done.

On our land, on our shores, we have seen support for terror. We have seen terrorist sympathisers chanting in celebration of these barbaric attacks. The Prime Minister needs to meet with the New South Wales Premier to put an immediate end to this behaviour. The threat of more violence on our own home soil is very real. It needs to be taken seriously and addressed swiftly. We need the Prime Minister to convene the National Security Committee, immediately cancel the visas of those non-Australians involved in the erratic behaviour on our shores and have them deported. If you support terrorism, if you chant, 'Gas the Jews,' you get deported. There needs to be actionable outcomes to support our nation and the people of Israel. The ambassador of Israel said to our party room this morning, 'We did not start this war, but we will win,' and the coalition supports them.

There was a bipartisan motion put forward by the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, condemning the terror attack that killed so many. In a disgraceful moment, the Leader of the Greens, with the member for North Sydney and the member for Mackellar, moved a motion during this condolence, when people were speaking about the terrorist attack. That motion said words to the effect of condemning Israel for committing war crimes, and it called for an end to illegal occupation. Hamas is a terrorist organisation that has been condemned by the Australian parliament. Innocent people—women and children—have been killed. The Leader of the Greens and those two Teals should be ashamed of themselves. It is disgraceful what they did. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything. In this time, our Prime Minister should stand up and be counted and condemn that extra motion by the Greens.