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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Statements by Members

Leader of the Opposition

1:55 pm

Photo of Tim WilsonTim Wilson (Goldstein, Liberal Party) Share this | | Hansard source

I want to do something unusual. I want to congratulate the Leader of the Opposition. Like many members, I congratulated Joseph Biden on becoming the President of the United States. Though I think Australia should decide its laws for Australians, unlike others, it's nonetheless welcome to see the successful and peaceful transfer of power. I know that the Leader of the Opposition, in his congratulations, was also warm, and he said, 'Labor's position on climate change shares much with that of the Biden team.' They're his words, not mine. It's a welcome statement, but the question is whether the Leader of the Opposition actually read the Biden plan on energy. After all, those opposite never understood their plan on the retiree tax. But, as usual, I have saved him the effort. 'The Biden-Harris clean energy revolution embraces technologies to cut emissions through all low- and zero-carbon technologies,' with emphasis on the word 'all'. It goes on to say that Biden will support a research agenda to look at nuclear power, including small modular nuclear reactors. I welcome the Leader of the Opposition's recent embrace of nuclear power. You're not committed to cutting global greenhouse gas emissions if you rule technologies out because you're a battleaxe left over from the sixties. So congratulations to the Leader of the Opposition for his embrace of nuclear power. Hopefully he can educate the member for Macnamara.