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Tuesday, 27 October 2020


Lindsay Electorate: Budget

7:55 pm

Photo of Melissa McIntoshMelissa McIntosh (Lindsay, Liberal Party) Share this | | Hansard source

I have the best job in the world because I get to represent my community of Lindsay and deliver the projects and policies that make a difference to our community. This budget is our plan for Australia's economic recovery, and it's a plan that will deliver without increasing taxes. Whether it be for young families, our aspirational small businesses or our Australian manufacturers, we're getting on with the job to make sure that this budget delivers the best outcomes for our community. In fact, with the legislation we've already passed, around 80,000 people in Lindsay will benefit from the Morrison government's tax relief. We're making sure that people can keep more of what they earn to spend on what matters to them. It doesn't just mean more money in people's back pocket. It also means 50,000 jobs across Australia, and that is why it is so important.

The Morrison government—our budget and our economic recovery plan—is all about creating jobs, and I'm working hard to make sure that, importantly, we are creating local jobs in Lindsay. From the outset of the pandemic, we got behind Australians and small businesses to retain jobs and save livelihoods. The JobKeeper payment has been instrumental in our coronavirus response package, which helped save around 700,000 jobs. JobKeeper has supported around 5,000 businesses in Lindsay to maintain the connection with their employees, and the cash flow boost has happened over 5,000 local small and medium-sized businesses to stay afloat. These measures have helped small businesses in Lindsay get through the toughest times many of them have ever faced. Now we're emerging from the pandemic, and the Australian economy is fighting back. Thanks to our strong economic management, we were in a position to respond to the coronavirus from a position of strength. Australia is now one of only nine countries around the world to hold a AAA credit rating from all three major credit rating agencies. After we outlined our economic recovery plan in this year's budget, consumer confidence increased by a record 11.9 per cent in October, the largest increase in a budget month since the series began in 1974, and, as of now, consumer confidence has increased for the seventh consecutive week. Over the last four months 446,000 jobs have been created, and confidence is growing as people across Australia can see the first stages of our plan in action.

At a local level, this confidence is shining through from people in Lindsay. When the Treasurer came to Lindsay for his first stop after handing down the budget he spoke with members of the community and local small businesses to discuss what the budget means for them. Julie at Nepean Swim and Fitness told me how they've seen a turning point since the budget, and people are coming back through the doors. When I asked Julie what the budget means for our community, she replied, 'Confidence.' She said it's been so encouraging to see more local jobs return, and she is even advertising for a new swim instructor to join the team. Alan, the director of Nepean Swim and Fitness said: 'The bottom line for our business is families need to know that their income is secure, and that means having a steady job. Since the budget was announced, we have definitely soon a growth in the number of children attending lessons, to the point where we have now had to hire more swimming instructors and increase the hours worked of some of our existing instructors.' The budget measures and incentives around job creation, combined with tax incentives for investment, will give businesses confidence to re-hire people they may have shed during the pandemic and, hopefully, to create new positions. These are Alan's words. He said, 'With more people back in work and tax cuts in their pocket, he has hope for the future.' That's what this budget is about. That's what delivering for the people of Lindsay is about.

The Penrith CBD Corporation have been encouraging local businesses to look at the incentives for employing staff and to take on apprentices, and they're making the most of the measures we are implementing. They've reported these are being well received. A number of local businesses are reporting some of their best trading months. While five new businesses have opened during the pandemic, there are also three new restaurants and three other new businesses that will open before Christmas in the CBD of Penrith. We continue to rebuild our economy and create more jobs. Our local childcare centres are also benefiting. Since the time of the coronavirus pandemic I have been hearing from Explore and Develop in Glenmore Park. Not one family have withdrawn their children from the centre. Local families in Lindsay can trust that their children are receiving the best education and care.

Our economy is fighting back. The government is supporting small businesses to lead our economic recovery and, most importantly, to create more local jobs.

House adjourned at 20:00