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Thursday, 8 October 2020

Statement by the Speaker

Rules for Media Related Activity

9:32 am

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I have an unrelated statement on the media rules. I remind members that last year in September I made a statement regarding the media rules for media related activity in Parliament House. I again note that the rules apply to all building occupants, not just the media. The focus of my statement last September was the issue of where filming and photography are permitted within Parliament House. However, another ongoing concern is the use by members on both sides of the House of excerpts of the official broadcast for what could broadly be described as attack advertisements, particularly on members' social media pages. While application of the rules will always be a matter of judgement, I want to remind all members that section 5 of the rules provides that the official broadcast 'shall be used only for the purposes of fair and accurate reports of proceedings' and shall not be used for 'political party advertising'. The rules also require that the official broadcast not be 'digitally manipulated' in any way. In reminding members, I also ask that they remind their staff of these rules.

The media rules have been sent to members and are available on the Parliament House website. Queries around the rules can be addressed to the Serjeant-at-Arms at any time. I thank members. The Serjeant's office follows up on all reports of misuse of chamber footage, and if someone is asked to take down something that's been posted that is deemed to be a breach of the media rules it's expected that it will be done immediately. I thank the House. I hope those two updates are of interest and value.