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Thursday, 3 September 2020


Moore Electorate: Economy

12:41 pm

Photo of Ian GoodenoughIan Goodenough (Moore, Liberal Party) Share this | | Hansard source

I am pleased to contribute to this adjournment debate as parliament rises before the next sitting, scheduled in October, when the federal budget will be delivered, in 33 days time, by setting out some of the key priorities for my electorate. The dominant focus of the budget will be on measures designed to promote economic recovery in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Many people and businesses in my electorate have been adversely affected in this crisis through a loss of employment, a reduction in the value of their assets and an overall decline in their financial security. It has been distressing to see the long queues outside Centrelink in Joondalup, stretching outside the building.

In response, the Morrison government has implemented an economic stimulus package and welfare safety net—

(Quorum formed) Through programs such as JobKeeper and JobSeeker, which are unparalleled by world standards, it is important to continue supporting— (Quorum formed) It is important to continue supporting those temporarily in need, whilst getting Australians back to work as quickly as possible through reskilling programs. The release of the national accounts yesterday, showing a seven per cent fall in gross domestic product from the March quarter, clearly demonstrates that the budget must focus on economic growth by implementing measures to increase productivity, reduce red tape and also address the issues of tax reform and industrial relations reform.

To build our economy, Australians must begin to change their mindset and adopt a more pro-development, entrepreneurial outlook and refrain from regularly objecting to building new agricultural, mining and energy projects by default. We must prioritise new investments and facilitate industries which generate export revenue rather than delay economic development projects through unnecessary green and red tape. We need to stand up to the antidevelopment green brigade, which is seeking to halt economic progress. These are hard times and we must adopt a more industrious mindset in order to lift the Australian economy out of recession, restore the finances of our families and pay down our national debt. The future of our nation and our standard of living depend on economic development.

The financial impact of the pandemic will inevitably delay some of the community projects that have been submitted for consideration in the budget. However, there are few priorities which I would like to strongly advocate for on the parliamentary record. Firstly, a federal contribution to the Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club redevelopment is my top priority because surf life saving is a community service which literally saves lives on our beaches. Our lifesavers are operating from cramped facilities which are close to 40 years old. A federal contribution towards new clubhouse facilities, in conjunction with local and state government support, is warranted. Several surf clubs in the eastern states, such as the North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club, received building grants of up to $2.9 million, so the precedent is established.

Secondly, a federal contribution to the redevelopment of the clubrooms at Heathridge Park, in conjunction with local and state government funding, will benefit a number of sporting clubs which use the facilities, including the Ocean Ridge junior and amateur football clubs, the Ocean Ridge junior and senior cricket clubs, and the Ocean Ridge Tennis Club. The current clubhouse buildings are more than 30 years old and inadequate to meet the needs of our growing population. The City of Joondalup is preparing a master plan for the redevelopment and, as the local government authority, will take the lead role in project management.

The list of local priorities which I have submitted on behalf of our community for consideration in the budget is comprehensive. I will continue to advocate very strongly for funding to be delivered for my electorate as the financial circumstances permit.