House debates

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

  • Holt Electorate: Telephone and Internet Services (1 speech)
    Mr Deputy Speaker, imagine you're a small-business person, a tradie or someone with a young family, and you come into the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, my area—Clyde, Clyde North or...
  • O'Connor Electorate (4 speeches)
    Thank you, Deputy Speaker.
  • Greenslopes Red Cross Hall (4 speeches)
    There's a decrepit, vacant Commonwealth owned property in my electorate that has fallen into disrepair and disuse. The property is riddled with asbestos and has been sitting empty for many years,...
  • Cowper Electorate (3 speeches)
    Thank you—
  • Greenslopes Red Cross Hall (3 speeches)
    I've been asking this government for years now to do something to fix the hall. At the May federal election, Labor committed that, if we were elected to government, we would provide a significant...
  • Greater Western Sydney Giants (3 speeches)
    Sport has a special place in Western Sydney. This year the GWS Giants reached 30,000 members, just eight years after they entered the AFL stage—
  • Greenslopes Red Cross Hall (4 speeches)
    Unfortunately, the LNP didn't match our election commitment to get the Greenslopes Red Cross Hall fixed up, and so it's still sitting there because this government has yet to take any action on...
  • Braddon Electorate (3 speeches)
    I'm disappointed—
  • Energy (5 speeches)
    Energy prices in this country are going up, and it's hardly a surprise when we have an energy minister who is more interested in writing letters to the mayor of Sydney about absurd travel...
  • Warringah Electorate: Roads, Environment (1 speech)
    In a recent community survey of Warringah, one of the top topics was traffic congestion. It's the No. 1 problem in Warringah and top of mind every morning and night in the peak periods seven days...
  • Hinkler Electorate: Palliative Care (4 speeches)
    I rise to speak on the new Hervey Bay palliative care facility. People at the end stage of life—
  • Greenslopes Red Cross Hall (4 speeches)
    As I was saying, I'm grateful to the minister for meeting with me about this issue last month here in the parliament.
  • Hinkler Electorate: Palliative Care (4 speeches)
    I think we can treat this like adults. This is a serious issue for people who are in the last stages of their lives.