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Thursday, 23 August 2018

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10:06 am

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Chaos, division and dysfunction reign in a government that continues to tear itself down hour by hour, minute by minute. We see ministers coming out attacking the Prime Minister. We see the backbench time and time again in a war zone that the Australian people are horrified by. My message to the Turnbull-Abbott-Dutton-Turnbull-Abbott-Dutton government is clear: stop talking about yourselves and start governing in the nation's interests. This is the most chaotic government that our nation has ever seen.

The LNP in Queensland is at the beating heart of this mess. We saw Gary Spence, the president of the state LNP, give the marching orders to every LNP member in Queensland to knife a sitting Prime Minister. We saw the LNP in Queensland up to their ears in division and dysfunction. They have their heads down in this chamber but they are all texting one another, undermining each other, bagging each other and not governing in the nation's interest.

Time and time again we are seeing policy on the run. We're seeing thought bubbles. The LNP in this chamber are now proud of their efforts, of destroying a government and of destroying a sitting Prime Minister. It's bad enough that they have stopped governing. It is bad enough that they have given up on the people of Australia. They see this parliament, this institution, as their play thing. They are only interested in their own jobs and not the jobs of working Australians—

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Photo of Milton DickMilton Dick (Oxley, Australian Labor Party) Share this | | Hansard source

I can take the interjections from the LNP members in this chamber, because I know they are only interested in their own jobs, not fighting for regional Queensland and not fighting for the workers in my home state. They have a choice at the next election: a united Shorten Labor government or a dysfunctional, chaotic and divisional government. Who knows who will be the Prime Minister? Will it be Peter Dutton, the member for Dickson? Will it be the member for Warringah? Will it be the member for Wentworth? Will members of the National Party sit on the crossbench and rip down this government? Will they demand that we have another election? Who knows, but time and time again when it comes to the LNP in Queensland it's very clear: they are only interested in their own jobs. They are not fighting for Australians. They should hang their heads in shame. They are a disgrace to this nation, and we will make sure that they pay the price.