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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Questions without Notice


2:05 pm

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My question is to the Prime Minister. Will the Prime Minister update the House on action being taken by the coalition government to secure Australia's long-term economic prosperity?

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I thank the honourable member for his question. I have said before that this the 45th Parliament will be a parliament that delivers, it is going to be a parliament that works. It is our obligation to address the big challenges Australia faces, and there is none more significant than ensuring our continued prosperity. We are enjoying strong economic growth—3.3 per cent. We are enjoying strong jobs growth—this at a time when we have seen an unprecedented drop in the terms of trade, an unprecedented transition from a mining construction boom. Far from having the hard, catastrophic economic landing that so many economists predicted, our economy is transitioning well. But it is not happening by accident. It needs clear leadership—and that is what we have provided.

The options available to the parliament today are as clear as they are stark: we have to make this 45th Parliament work for all this. We cannot continue to leave behind a legacy of debt that burdens our children and grandchildren with the obligations—

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I hear members opposite groaning. They think it is funny, they think it is tedious. That is the modern Labor Party. Well, I would say to members opposite: not every Australian is like your Senator Dastyari—able to ring someone up and get him to pay their bills. Not everybody is a privileged politician that can earn $200,000 a year and then, when he does not want to pay a bill, pick up the phone and get it picked up by some friend.

Let's face it; we know Australians are facing tough challenges in managing their household budgets. They need a strong economy to ensure that they keep their jobs, that their jobs are well paid and that their businesses do well. So there is nothing to do with fairness about leaving that legacy of debt. We take it seriously; Labor plainly does not. The constructive arrangement agreement that was reached between the Treasurer and the finance minister—

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and their counterparts in the omnibus savings bill is a very important step. It secures $6.3 billion in savings. It shows that the parliament can work. We need it to work more and more effectively in the future. We have to continue to prosecute the case for living within our means.

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Others may scoff, but we know we owe a solemn duty to our children and grandchildren not to burden them with that mountain of debt which profligacy by Labor governments has left them with. We are building the case for a strong future for our children and grandchildren, and we call on all parties and on the opposition in particular to join with us in that solemn responsibility. (Time expired)

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Just before I call the member for Sydney—

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The member for McMahon will cease interjecting! The member for Moreton continues to interject. He interjected right through that answer. I had to eject him under 94(a) yesterday; I do not want to have to keep asking the member for Moreton to cease interjecting. He knows what the rules are. Whilst there will always be a level of interjection, can I say it is disrespectful to the other members around him and other members in this chamber. I am not going to keep saying the same thing to the member for Moreton each day—and have you nod to me each time I do it, Member for Moreton! Every time you do it, it places you closer to being in an ejector seat, I have to say. It really does.