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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Mental Health

Recommital of Vote

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In the consideration of private members’ business and on the motion moved by the member for Dickson on mental health, I have contributed to some confusion. I apologise, especially to the member for Melbourne, who for two weeks running I have caused some discomfort. I assure him that it is due to my incompetence rather than any other feeling that I might have. I note that in his contribution that he just concluded the member for Sturt indicated that after 18 years he is still learning about the way that this place works. I will make the same admission. I know that the member for Melbourne was acting in good faith on some very good advice that he had received, which he heeded but others did not. In calling the vote on the amendment by the member for Melbourne, two things happened. There is reason to believe that there was confusion in the minds of those in the House. I then contributed by not carrying out other steps of procedure that would have alerted the House to that confusion.

It is my wish, with the concurrence of the House, to proceed to put the motions again. I am in the hands of members of the House as to whether they are happy for that to occur. But I believe, on the basis there is evidence of a great deal of confusion, which I might add, a lot of us should not have had, that that is the best course of action. I propose to go back to the point that we were at, when the member for Melbourne had moved, and the member for Denison had seconded, quite a clear motion and when I had put as such: ‘That the original question’—that is, the motion moved by the member for Dickson—‘be agreed to; to this, the honourable member for Melbourne has moved, as an amendment, that paragraph 2 be omitted with a view to substituting other following words.’ According to the procedures and customs of this House I then proposed the question: ‘That the words proposed to be omitted stand part of the question.’ It is now my intention to put that motion again and seek the wishes of the House on that motion.

Question put:

That the words proposed to be omitted (Mr Bandt’s amendment) stand part of the question.

Original question agreed to.