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Monday, 18 October 2010

Constituency Statements

Gilmore Electorate: Dunn and Lewis Memorial in Ulladulla

10:42 am

Photo of Joanna GashJoanna Gash (Gilmore, Liberal Party) Share this | | Hansard source

Recently I was privileged to have been invited to attend the opening of stage 1 of the Dunn and Lewis Memorial in Ulladulla. It was constructed as a memorial to two young mates who died in the Bali bomb blast in 2002. Speaking on the occasion was the sister of Craig Dunn and daughter of the memorial’s strongest advocate and proponent, Gayle Dunn, mother of Craig. The sentiments expressed by Karlee Dunn are far more eloquent than I could ever hope to convey and I would like to share her words with the chamber. This is what Karlee said:

Today is more than just an opening … of a bowling alley.

It’s an opening of our living memorial.

Today I wish to thank everybody here … to send my thanks to all the people …who could not be here … because without all of you donating … and showing your support … we would not be standing here today …in the Dunn and Lewis complex.

There is one person … who deserves the most thanks, … and that would be Gayle Dunn.

To me she is an outstanding lady … and I’m so grateful—

and so proud—

that she is my mum.

Unlike most people … who lose someone they love … she didn’t hide away from the world and grieve;

She worked with her grief … to build something that this community … and many other communities … can benefit from.

She has spent hundreds of hours … on the phone … to thousands of different influential people … trying to obtain funding … in some way or another.

She has organised many fundraisers … and she was always one of the first people there … and would stay up until everything had ended … and been cleaned up.

Without her … this building and what it stands for … would be a distant dream … that none of us would be able to enjoy … and embrace for many years to come.

The hours that some people … put into this building … is outstanding.

To me the passion of my mum … and many others … is amazing … and inspires me everyday … to be a better person.

Some of these people … have spent countless hours outside shops and markets … trying to fundraise …and had the willpower to ignore the criticism … that some people had shown towards them … which I think … is a very strong thing to be able to do.

This may have started off … as a memorial for Danny Lewis and Craig Dunn … but it was soon realised …that they are not the only two people …lost to the world.

So this is a memorial … for everyone that has been lost in tragedies …accidents … it was their time.

This building is not only a bowling alley … or memorial;

It is not just for youth or the elderly.

It is for children, teenagers … adults and the elderly … and it is to be a bowling alley …a new workplace …a hang out or sanctuary … where you can just sit … and clear your head.

So I thank everybody once more … for all your help … and coming here today …to show your support.

I am so glad that today is finally here … not only because this building is opening … but because I saw the happiness in my mum’s eyes … over the past few months … as it was all coming together.

Thank you and enjoy this … to its fullest extent.

Needless to say, I am so proud not only of Gayle and her daughter Karlee for this inspiring speech but also of our good friend and Gayle’s greatest supporter, Patricia White. It could not have happened without all those submissions you did, Patricia. Thank you; well done. The community is very proud of these ladies and now stage 2 will be commencing—so watch this space.