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Thursday, 16 August 2007


Moreton Electorate; Member for Fadden

12:42 pm

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I have lived in the electorate that I represent since late 1970, moving in as a young lad back in the days when there was not even a stop sign at the corner of Mains Road and McCullough Street at Sunnybank. In fact, the biggest improvement to take place in that intersection was the Market Square Shopping Centre, which opened in 1971 or early 1972. In those days Mains Road came to a dead-end at the Mount Gravatt cemetery. The creation of the South East Freeway saw Mains Road connect and become a very busy thoroughfare for traffic from the south of my electorate and for the growing Beaudesert Shire region and Logan City. There was nothing more than a rickety old timber bridge over the railway line, which now extends to the Gold Coast. Now we have a bridge with something like 10 lanes being built over the railway line near Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic school. I used to go over that bridge riding my bike up to Runcorn Primary School each day.

Pardon the reminiscences. I simply want to establish a couple of clear facts about the motivation I have as the member for Moreton with respect to an area that I have lived in and been concerned about since I was a young bloke—an area which has created all that you see today. My greatest credential that I bring to this place is my love and affection for the area. The connection that I have with the people in the area means that, as they bump into me in local shopping centres, they kick me in the shins if I am doing the right thing and pat me on the back if I am doing the wrong thing—or vice versa—and that sense of ownership and partnership is very important to me.

The style of representation that I have tried to bring to the parliament as the member for Moreton has very much been honed by the influences of the member for Fadden. I have known Mr Jull since 1974, when I was a young lad. He was a TV personality and he was a radio personality before that. The member for Fadden was very committed to the radio and television industry, and he put his hand up to run as the member for Bowman in the 1974 election, which took in parts of what is now the electorate of Moreton. He ran again on 13 December 1975 and was elected.

I want to say that we greatly appreciate the member for Fadden’s service and commitment to the area that I now represent. He is a true man of the people in every possible way. He taught me very early on that politics is a very humbling experience. I must say I had not realised how humbling it was until all that has occurred during the course of this year. David Jull, as a member in this place for some 30 years, has gone on to be the longest serving member of the Queensland Liberal Party in history. Yes, a predecessor of mine, Josh Francis, was here for 33 years, but for really only the last few as a Liberal. He was a member of parties that led to the creation of the Liberal Party. And, yes, the late Sir James Killen was here for 28 years, and all of them as a Liberal. But David Jull has more than passed their record of service, and there is something special about this man.

He has always said to make yourself available, to be seen to be available, to be out in the shopping centres talking with people, and I think that has been a practice that has stood me in good stead in the community service that I have tried to bring about.

Back at Macgregor High School, when I first met him, we started a school radio station, 4MG, which ran for about 25 years. When it opened, on 24 November 1974, David Jull, the member for Fadden, was there as a Channel 0 personality. In fact, he was the first face on Channel 0 in Brisbane. He brought an enormous amount of radio and television experience and influenced me enormously to seek that same career.

It is a bit of personal indulgence, but I am sure my electorate would accept that it is right to praise the member for Fadden in the final weeks of his time as a member in this place. It is important that he knows that people like me appreciate greatly the great sense of service he has brought and the decency that underpins it. His parents were strong Anglicans. His father was a canon in the church and his mother ran the Anglican women’s committee for many years. David Jull has made a difference. I think all in this place should hail David Francis Jull, the member for Fadden, the former member for Bowman, a very good friend, an enormous mentor. I wish him very good health in the years ahead.