House debates

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

  • Parliamentary Office Holders (0 speeches)
    • Speaker (18 speeches)
      I move: That the honourable member for Casey do take the chair of this House as Speaker. It really is a true honour to nominate a most distinguished and respected member of our parliament, the...
    • Presentation to Governor-General (2 speeches)
      Thank you very much, Mr Speaker. I have ascertained that it will be His Excellency the Governor-General's pleasure to receive you, Mr Speaker, in the Members Hall immediately after the resumption...
  • Parliamentary Representation (0 speeches)
    • Oath or Affirmation of Allegiance (1 speech)
      His Excellency also presented to me an authority to administer to members the oath or affirmation of allegiance. I now lay the authority on the table.
  • Ministerial Arrangements (0 speeches)
    • (1 speech)
      I have the honour to inform the House that following the election held on 2 July, the Governor-General commissioned me to form a government. Ministers and assistant ministers were appointed on 19...
  • Shadow Ministerial Arrangements (0 speeches)
    • (1 speech)
      I have the honour to inform the House that the Australian Labor Party has re-elected me as its leader and the honourable member for Sydney as deputy leader. The honourable member for Fowler has...
  • Party Office Holders (0 speeches)
    • The Nationals (1 speech)
      I have the honour to inform the House that the Nationals have elected myself as leader. The honourable member for Dawson has been appointed the Nationals Chief Whip, the honourable member for...
  • Governor-General's Speech (0 speeches)
    • Address-in-Reply (3 speeches)
      I move: That a committee, consisting of Ms Flint, Mr E. L. O'Brien and the mover, be appointed to prepare an address-in-reply to the speech delivered by His Excellency the Governor-General to...
  • Parliamentary Office Holders (0 speeches)
    • Deputy Speaker (11 speeches)
      I move: That Mr Coulton be elected Deputy Speaker of this House. It is my pleasure to nominate the member for Parkes as the Deputy Speaker of the House. Farmers bring to this place a strong...
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    • Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games (2 speeches)
      All of us over recent weeks have watched with pride as each of our Olympians donned the green and gold to compete for our country. The commitment, determination and courage of our athletes...
  • Business (0 speeches)
    • Days and Hours of Meeting (2 speeches)
      I present a chart showing the proposed program of sittings for the remainder of 2016. Copies of the program have been placed on the table, and I ask leave of the House to move that the program be...
    • Leave of Absence (1 speech)
      I move: That leave of absence until 22 November 2016 be given to Ms O'Neil for parental leave purposes. Question agreed to. House adjourned at 17:56