House debates

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

  • Questions without Notice (0 speeches)
    • Dental Health (32 speeches)
      My question is to the Prime Minister. I refer to the Prime Minister’s axing of the Commonwealth Dental Health Program in 1996, which has resulted in 650,000 Australians now waiting for...
    • Indigenous Communities (4 speeches)
      My question is addressed to the Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. Would the minister advise the House of the latest developments in the government’s...
    • Dental Health (8 speeches)
      I refer to my previous question to the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s rejection of the premise of that question, which was that he had axed the Commonwealth Dental Health Program...
    • Economic Management (2 speeches)
      My question is to the Prime Minister. Would the Prime Minister inform the House how the government’s ongoing strong economic management is helping to ensure Australia’s future...
  • Distinguished Visitors (0 speeches)
    • (2 speeches)
      I inform the House that we have present in the gallery this afternoon the Hon. Gordon Bilney, a former minister and member for Kingston. On behalf of the House, I extend him a very warm welcome.
  • Questions without Notice (0 speeches)
    • Economic Management (1 speech)
      I table a list of the 67 bodies and 96 reviews and inquiries to which I referred in my last answer. I want to give the complete, detailed list.
    • Dental Health (26 speeches)
      My question is to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister, can you inform the parliament why the government’s chronic disease dental program has, over the past three years, assisted only 14...
    • Transport Infrastructure (8 speeches)
      My question is to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport and Regional Services. Would the minister advise the House on how the government is taking difficult decisions in relation...
    • Housing Affordability (8 speeches)
      My question is to the Prime Minister. I refer him to Labor’s plan for a housing affordability fund, which will save first home buyers up to $20,000, and a rental tax incentive scheme to...
    • Mortgages (2 speeches)
      My question is addressed to the Treasurer. Would the Treasurer update the House on developments in the regulation of home loan lending practices? Are there any risks from inappropriate practices?
    • Housing Affordability (5 speeches)
      My question is to the Prime Minister. Does the Prime Minister agree with the statement by the Treasurer that there is no housing affordability crisis in Australia?
    • Welfare Reform (14 speeches)
      My question is addressed to the Treasurer, the most integral part of the coalition team. Would the Treasurer inform the House of new—
    • Minister for the Environment and Water Resources (8 speeches)
      My question is addressed to the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources.
    • Asia-Pacific Region (6 speeches)
      My question is addressed to the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Would the minister update the house on Australia’s readiness to respond to emergencies in our region? Are there any proposals...
  • Personal Explanations (0 speeches)
    • (8 speeches)
      Mr Speaker, I wish to make a personal explanation.
  • Veterans Affairs (0 speeches)
    • (1 speech)
      Mr Speaker, with your indulgence, I refer to an answer given in the House yesterday by the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs relating to veterans’ pensions. I seek leave to table an...
  • Questions to the Speaker (0 speeches)
    • Question Time (6 speeches)
      Mr Speaker, during question time today the Prime Minister stated about the Leader of the Opposition: ‘when you know you are lying through your teeth’. It is quite clear that that is...
    • Questions in Writing (2 speeches)
      Mr Speaker, under section 105 of the standing orders, will you ask the Treasurer to answer my question 5710 on the Notice Paper of 8 May. Similarly, would you ask the Minister for Defence to...
    • Question Time (8 speeches)
      Mr Speaker, you will have noted that we only had seven questions from this side of the House today, whereas the normal procedure allows for 10. The reason the Prime Minister gave for cutting...
  • Documents (0 speeches)
    • (1 speech)
      Documents are tabled as listed in the schedule circulated to honourable members. Details of the documents will be recorded in the Votes and Proceedings and I move: That the House take note of the...
  • Matters of Public Importance (0 speeches)
    • Dental Health (24 speeches)
      I have received a letter from the honourable member for Gellibrand proposing that a definite matter of public importance be submitted to the House for discussion, namely: The crisis in dental...
  • Committees (0 speeches)
    • Selection Committee; Report (1 speech)
      I present the report of the Selection Committee relating to the consideration of committee and delegation reports and private members’ business on Monday, 15 October 2007. The report will...
  • Crimes Legislation Amendment (Child Sex Tourism Offences and Related Measures) Bill 2007; Defence Legislation Amendment Bill 2007 (0 speeches)
    • Referred to Main Committee (1 speech)
      by leave—I move: That the bills be referred to the Main Committee for further consideration. Question agreed to.
  • Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Democratic Plebiscites) Bill 2007 (0 speeches)
    • Returned from the Senate (0 speeches)
      Message received from the Senate returning the bill without amendment or request.
  • Trade Practices Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2007 (0 speeches)
    • Consideration of Senate Message (0 speeches)
      Bill returned from the Senate with amendments. Ordered that the amendments be considered at the next sitting.
  • Health Insurance Amendment (Medicare Dental Services) Bill 2007 (0 speeches)
    • Second Reading (29 speeches)
      Debate resumed from 17 September, on motion by Mr Abbott: That this bill be now read a second time.
  • Adjournment (0 speeches)
    • (1 speech)
      Order! It being 9 pm, I propose the question: That the House do now adjourn.
    • Valedictory (1 speech)
      Earlier today I made my valedictory speech, as the chamber would know, and I did not have the chance to finish—I ran out of time. I did not get to speak about my son Chris’s 24th...
    • Artists (1 speech)
      Australian artists would be justified in believing that the coalition harbours a latent, sometimes visible, hostility to them and their calling. I have argued in other places that the absence of...
    • Victoria Police (1 speech)
      It is not with any pleasure that I rise this evening but I do so on a matter of extreme importance, particularly in my home state of Victoria. It is said that one of the defining features of a...
    • Dental Health (1 speech)
      I rise tonight to speak on dental health, an issue which I have raised many times in the House. Dental health is a major concern in my electorate, as it is right throughout Australia. I will...
    • Climate Change (1 speech)
      I am very honoured to speak in the Australian parliament tonight as the federal member for Ryan, a beautiful part of the western suburbs that I represent and indeed have lived in for nearly 25...
    • Aircraft Noise (1 speech)
      I rise to speak tonight on an issue that affects thousands of constituents in the Hindmarsh electorate, and that is aircraft noise. I am in continual contact with residents in many suburbs...
    • Suicide (2 speeches)
      I rise tonight to address the House on an issue of significance around Australia but also in the electorate of Wakefield: the difficult issue of suicide. There are a couple of initiatives that I...