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Thursday, 15 December 2022


Arnold, Constable Matthew, Dare, Mr Alan, McCrow, Constable Rachel

1:19 pm

Sam Lim (Tangney, Australian Labor Party) Share this | Hansard source

No-one should ever go to work and not come home—no-one. The atrocity that happened to four of our young, capable, dedicated police officers, who had committed themselves to serve our community, should never have happened. My heart aches for the two police officers and one member of the public who have passed. My thoughts are with the officers who survived this tragedy, who will bear this burden and experience from the line of duty. To the families and friends and community of those impacted: I'm so sorry for your loss.

This should have been a simple call-out to seek a missing person. I too responded to this call many times during my service as a police officer. I will not speak the name of these animals that these officers were there to seek, as they do not deserve the acknowledgement in this House. But the sole fact that this act of murder was made on police officers doing their job and on a concerned neighbour disgusts me. Life is precious. Cherish it, and your loved ones.

Today I wish to pay my respects to those who have passed in this tragedy. To Constable McCrow and Constable Arnold: thank you for your service. May peace follow you in your next journey in life. To Alan Dare: thank you for your concern for our brothers and sisters in blue. May you rest in peace. To all my brothers and sisters in blue: I wish you all well. May you all be happy and peaceful. To all my brothers and sisters in blue: we all appreciate your service to our community. Thank you very much.


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