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Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Statements by Members

Welfare Reform

1:48 pm

Photo of Justine ElliotJustine Elliot (Richmond, Australian Labor Party) Share this | Hansard source

I rise today to report to the House that 45,000 people have now signed Labor's petition to scrap the Morrison government's cruel and unfair cashless debit card and to protect our pensioners. This is a huge number of Australians seeing through this government's lies, and they are joining our fight for fairness. Since launching the petition just a few months ago, this issue has resonated deeply right across the country for those already on the card and those worried they'll be forced onto it. Australians have seen the evidence, and they know the Liberal and Nationals are coming for them next. As the chair of Labor's Protecting Pensioners Taskforce, I have been inundated with heartbreaking stories from those already on the card, people who have been cruelly directed by this government about where and when they can spend their own money.

We know the Morrison government wants to roll the cashless card out nationally, and we know the Liberals and Nationals have already started forcing pensioners onto the card. Labor will keep fighting this all the way, every single day. Thank you to groups like No Cashless Debit Card Australia and the Say NO Seven for your tireless work, and thank you to the 45,000 people who have signed the petition. Let's keep it going. Let's keep sending this government a message, all the time. At the next election, make your vote count. Vote Labor, because only a vote for Labor will scrap these cruel cashless debit cards for good.


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