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Wednesday, 24 November 2021


Electoral Legislation Amendment (Voter Integrity) Bill 2021; Second Reading

7:48 pm

Photo of Jason FalinskiJason Falinski (Mackellar, Liberal Party) Share this | Hansard source

I won't detain the House for very long, but I wanted to put my voice on the record in strong support of these voter ID laws and this integrity to our electoral system. I would also quickly and briefly make the point that once again the Labor Party is playing politics instead of putting people first by moving yet another second reading amendment which is designed for that fraudulent website to misrepresent the voting intentions of this House, especially those on this side of the chamber, while protecting their friends, while protecting the people who love front groups, because they know that, if Australians really saw who they were and what they stand for, they would never get elected even for dog catcher at their local council. That's how fraudulent the Labor Party has become.

Let's make this very clear. What this bill does is it asks you to undertake one of the most minimum of standards for proving that you are who you say you are when you vote. Those opposite want to make it harder for someone to buy on Amazon than it is to vote in an Australian government. They want to make it harder to collect a payment from Medicare than it is to vote for the government of Australia. On that side, they want to make it harder to pick up a package at the post office than it is to vote for a government in Australia. Look, it's only democracy! It's not worth protecting, according to those opposite. It's not worth protecting! In fact, it should be a free-for-all! They keep saying that the incidence of fraud in the electoral system is vanishingly small. Let's make it perfectly clear—


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