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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Matters of Public Importance

3:40 pm

Photo of Kevin HoganKevin Hogan (Page, National Party, Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister) Share this | Hansard source

I hear people groaning over there. Obviously they don't agree that the unemployment rate going down is a good thing. They must want unemployment to be high. Do you want unemployment to be higher? I mean, groaning that the unemployment rate is predicted to go below five per cent? Really? The unemployment rate is at 5.5 per cent and is predicted to go below five, and I get groans from the other side? Seriously? You can't celebrate a low unemployment rate?

The biggest issue in this country right now, the biggest issue which just about every private sector business talks to me about, is that they can't get enough workers. We have a staff shortage. The biggest problem is that people can't get enough workers. Now, that certainly is better than the alternative—people not being able to find a job. But we don't have that issue. Why is that the case? Why don't we have high unemployment? It's because we, as a government, have done some very specifically targeted stimulus spending. That's why the economy is doing so well. Again, you've never heard anything about that, you've never heard from those opposite how fast our economy is growing. You never hear them talk about a falling unemployment rate because it is impossible, for whatever reason, for any of them to say anything positive about our country.

A couple of things have been very important, and the one I like the most and that I mention most times I speak is the instant tax write-off. I was at a Primex field day in my electorate on the weekend, and there wasn't a small business there that didn't say what as great policy that is. I celebrate Australia. There are a lot of positive things happening. I ask you to see them. (Time expired)


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