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Monday, 22 March 2021


Resources Industry

5:01 pm

Garth Hamilton (Groom, Liberal National Party) Share this | Hansard source

I thank those opposite. In mining we always support each other. This government, this side of the House, has always supported the mining industry. We supported the mining industry in the boom times and we supported mining in the bad times. We supported mining when it was popular, back when VB used to use pictures of hardworking miners to sell its watery, non-XXXX flavoured beer. We supported the mining industry back then and we continue to support the mining industry, even though it has become unpopular. The place that the mining industry has become most unpopular is within the Queensland Labor Party. In my electorate of Groom, the Labor Party have repeatedly turned its back on and turned up its nose at the Acland mine. They have turned hardworking miners into jobseekers and turned opportunity into uncertainty.

Be very clear: Queensland Labor are no friends of the mining industry. If you don't believe it from me, then listen to what the CFMEU had to say. This is from a leaflet that was dropped into letterboxes by the CFMEU around the Toowoomba region during the state election, authorised by Stephen Smyth. It reads: 'Labor has been hiding behind the court process at taxpayers' expense and bowing to the inner-city green vote.' That's from the unions. That's what they have to say. There is more. It goes on to say: 'Labor's inaction means that the mine will close and more jobs will be lost.' This is from the unions. Even they can see through the duality of Labor's position on mining here. It's nice to say one thing here, but what about at the coalface that is being shut down in my electorate? Mining is a wonderful industry. Mining does so much for Australia. The only politicians that are doing anything for mining are those in the Liberal-National coalition. The mining industry knows it, the unions know it and the people of Australia know it too.


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